Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 11-12 Recap

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Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung Episode 11-12 Recap
Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung Episode 11-12 Recap
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 11-12 Recap

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 11-12 Recap. The storyline is getting more interesting as the weeks go by. I like the fact that even though Prince Dowan is exiled he still makes the effort to be there for Hae-Ryung when she gets into trouble.

The highlights of episode 11-12 are below, also to see the recaps of episode 9-10, click here.

Goo Hae-Ryung Continues to Be Punished+ Prince Dowan Helps To Relieve Her Pain

In the last episode, Hae-Ryung had written a letter of petition detailing the corruption of stipend among government workers in the Palace. This episode continues with her being punished for her action and we also saw where the clerks have protested by seizing their work.

As a result of this, the Office of Royal Decrees was flooded with a lot of work passed over from the clerks to the historians.
Angry at the sudden workload, the male historians decide to take a stand and punish Hae-Ryung by commanding her to take responsibility since it was her doing.

While at Nokseodang, Prince Dowan learns of what had taken place in the Palace and realized why Hae-Ryung was saddened and cried in front of him.
With the help of Eunuch Heo, he visited the Office of  Royal Decrees in the middle of the night and while Hae-Ryung had fallen asleep he completed all the pile of work she had in front of her.

When Eunuch Heo, asked the reason for his actions he couldn’t put it into words but he definitely knew that he cared for her deeply.

Prince Dowan Becomes A Clerk For the Day

Also in this episode, Prince Dowan became worried as to why Hae-Ryung had missed her session with him, hence he visited the Office of Decrees to find out what was wrong.

While snooping around with Eunuch Heo, the men were caught by Officer Yang and later made up a story that Prince Dowan was actually a clerk sent to help out at the Historian’s office.

Though he was later put to work, this was a very enjoyable time for me. Not being locked away and able to be around Hae-Ryung was quite different and pleasing to him. While trying to help Hae-Ryung, we found that he made her job more difficult, however, she too was glad she got to spend time with him.

Prince Dowan Spends the Night At Hae-Ryung’s

Prince Dowan disguised as a clerk was later sent into the town to collect information with Hae Ryung. To her surprise, it was like taking care of a toddler that was happy to be out and about.
While the two walked about they didn’t realize that it had gotten so late and had passed curfew.
The Palace was too far away to have the Prince return and if they were caught out they could be punished. Hence Hae-Ryung came up with the idea of acting as a couple with the Prince and hugged him. When the officers of the town saw this they simply thought they were just young people out having fun.


Hae-Ryung later brought him to her house. She was met by her housemaid and to our surprise, she was very encouraging of Hae-Ryung bringing home a man, after seeing how handsome he was. And yes of course she tried to bed them (LOL).

The two later could not sleep in the same room as thoughts flooded their minds which made them uncomfortable.
Prince Dowan being a gentleman offered to sleep outside.

Meanwhile Eunuch Heo, stayed up all night worrying about him.

Goo Hae-Ryung and Officer Min Persuaded the Clerks

To get the clerks back to work, Officer Min and Hae-Ryung visited and treated them with food. They were resilient in their decision and wanted an apology from the Historians hence they asked Hae-Ryung to get on her needs and apologized.

Officer Min was not fond of the idea, hence he threatened them with the violations that they have been performing within the Palace. It was then they decided to come back to work.

After a successful mission, Officer Min later commended Hae-Ryung for trying to correct the wrongs that have been embedded in the Palace. Though Officer Min doesn’t talk a lot we see where he got flustered when talking to Hae-Ryung in this scene, which gave me the second lead syndrome.

Prince Dowan Writes A Loving Poem For Hae-Ryung and They Later Get Caught by the King

Hae-Ryung who felt delighted that the clerks have decided to come back to work, visits the Prince and thanked him for helping her while she was having a rough time. He revealed to her that he enjoyed and liked being out and about where he’s not restricted and surveilled.
She encouraged him to continue writing his romance novels and later requested that he wrote something for her.

To present her with a gift, the Prince wrote, “I hope you live for a long time and be the owner of my heart’. However, after realizing how touching these words were he became embarrassed and tried to hide it from her.
She was however determined to see what the Prince had written. The King later walked in on the two in a very awkward situation.

The preview for next week will be exciting. It appears Prince Dowan and Hae-Ryung will get punished by the King and it was revealed that the reason for the King’s dislike is because the Prince is not actually his son.

Also, Song Sa Hee the spy, seems to be moving in closer on the Crown Prince. I’m still trying to figure out if she likes him or if she is carrying out the mission given to her by the Second State Council Min.

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