Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 13-14 Recap

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Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 13-14 Recap
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 13-14 Recap

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 13-14 Recap

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 13-14 Recap. Most of this episode took place outside of the palace, Prince Dowan and Go Hae Ryung was able to experience and witness the sad reality of the poor and sick people living in the provinces of Joseon.

We got to see more screen time of Prince Dowan and how he reacts in dire situations, also the facts about the reason for his exile are becoming more apparent.

The highlights of episode 13-14 are below, also to see the recaps of episode 11-12, click here.

Prince Dowan Sent To The Smallpox Province

After hearing that the people in Hwanghae and Pyongan Province are suffering from the outbreak of smallpox, the Crown Prince’s initial response was to immediately send food and medical supplies to contain the epidemic.

However, his decision was opposed by Second State Council Min, who believed that the Prince should prioritize on calming the public to prevent a future rebellion. His belief was that the smallpox outbreak will subside overtime but the anger of the public would worsen over time.

Hence to curb the opinions of the public he suggested that the Crown Prince visit the affected areas so that the people will be comforted.
The King was certainly not fond of this idea and decides to visit Nokseogang and requested that Prince Dowan instead goes to Pyongan and console the people which would later save the Royal family’s face.

Prince Dowan who did not know what to take from this request, was left somewhat unsettled. On one side, he was happy that the King was acknowledging him with such a task but on the other side, he was worried as to why he was chosen and what he would expect upon his visit to these areas.

The Queen Threatens the King

After finding out that the King commanded Prince Dowan to visit the Pyongan Province, the Queen was left furious. Upon her visit to the King’s quarters, she requested that he withdrew his command, however, he was reluctant to do so, as he had already made up his mind that the heir to his throne should not be put in such danger.

It was then she confronted the reason behind his abrasive decision. According to the Queen, the King has no problem putting Prince Dowan’s life in danger because he is not his real son.

This was a major plot twist for us viewers, it cleared up a lot of blurred assumptions regarding the Prince’s exile and the possibility of Hodam being the Prince’s real father.

In fear that Prince Dowan may be in danger, the Queen requested Mo-Hwa to visit the province the Prince was sent to. The Queen trusts Mo-Hwa a whole lot even to protect the life of the Prince, this makes us question the true relation Mo-Hwa may have with Prince Dowan.


Go Hae Ryung Offers To Go To Pyongang+ Prince Dowan Visits the Beach For The First Time

After hearing the news of the outbreak of smallpox and that the Prince was sent on a mission, Hae-Ryung decided to make the bold decision to partake on the journey to Pyongang. The other historians were of course relieved as they all feared the smallpox disease. Historian Min stunned by Goo Hae Ryung’s bold decision also decided to accompany Hae-Ryung on this journey.

Prince Dowan was somewhat excited about leaving the palace to visit somewhere far away. Upon arriving in the Province, the Prince was greeted and it was reported that the smallpox outbreak was now under control. After hearing this, the Prince thought he would visit the area and see the beach with Hae-Ryung by his side. 

However, after meeting the man Hae-Ryung was supposed to get married to, they were enlightened of the truth about the sufferings of the people residing in smallpox ridden areas. It was then the Prince and Hae Ryung made the decision to personally visit these areas, despite the dangers.

Prince Dowan Shocked By The Suffering of The People And Makes Bold Decision

To see what was happening up close in Pyongyang, the Prince and Hae-Ryung had a very difficult time getting into the affected areas as they were supervised by guards. The two, however, found a way in and was met by a mother and a child that were hunger-struck and was suffering from the disease.
They later learned the truth that the initial report made was false and that the medical supplies and food that were sent from the palace was under the control of the leaders of these Provinces.

Prince Dowan disgusted by the corrupt actions of these shameless leaders decided to visit the grounds of Pyongan with his team, with food and medical supplies to help the remainder of people suffering from smallpox.
Upon arriving, they were shocked by the state of suffering of people crying for help. However in a section of the province, the Prince heard the laughter of children, it was then he saw Mo-Hwa treating them.

When Mo-Hwa saw Prince Dowan, she was definitely surprised, which makes me question her true relation to him. Could she be his mother?
We are yet to find out more about Mo-Hwa’s character and her connection to Hodam.

The preview for the next episode will clear up most of our questions that arose in this episode.

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