Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 25-26 Recap

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Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 25-26
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 25-26
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 25-26 Recap

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung Episode 25-26 Recap. This episode was not only enlightening but it was somewhat different from the rest. While trying to catch the foreigner invader that escaped inside the palace, a lot of sensitive issues were also brought up.

Below are the highlights of episode 25-26.

Prince Dowan and Goo Hae Ryung In Love

This episode continued with Goo Hae Ryung and Prince Dowan feeling the aftereffect of the passionate kiss they had in the last episode.

While getting ready for work, Goo Hae Ryung ensures she looks her best by applying make-up. Prince Dowan, on the other hand, is even more affected as he cannot take Hae Ryung off his mind. Thinking of her and being around her gets his blood boiling and his emotions are left heightened.

Throughout this episode, we saw where he eventually calmed down after being reassured by Goo Hae Ryung that he should get used to kisses as she will continue to do them.

He is also reminded in this episode of how much she cares and worries about his well being.

Goo Hae Ryung’s character continues to break and surpassed the stereotypes of the shy k-drama female leads that we normally see and to be honest, it is quite refreshing.  

Cha Eun Woo has also gotten better in expressing and carrying out his role of the young and happy prince in love. 



A Foreign Invader In the Palace

In this episode, the presence of a Western French invader brought about chaos as this was the first time the people had seen someone so different up close. Not speaking the same language as them and by looking different from them, the people were at first left startled by his strange presence.

The guards of the palace were instructed to arrest this foreigner but when he later escaped the palace was left in disorder. The king, along with the other officials of the palace wondered what brought such a man inside the palace and was curious about his true purpose.

It was however later revealed that it was apart of Mo-hwa and the Queen’s plan to bring the foreigner to Joseon however according to a mishap he ended up in the palace instead. 

As the episode went it was further unveiled that the foreigner was somehow connected to Seoraewon.

The Foreigner Invader Gets To Know Hae Ryung and Prince Dowan

While running from the guards, the foreigner was found hiding in Prince Dowan’s dwelling. At first, the Prince along with Eunuch Heo, was alarmed by this strange man and tried to fight him off.
The Prince who at first ran away after seeing him came back with a pot and hit the foreigner in the head which caused him to be unconscious for a while.

Eunuch Heo wanted to take him to the Royal Investigation Bureau but Hae Ryung begged him not as he would be killed by the guards. He was tied up but later escaped from Prince Dowan’s dwellings.


As the episode went on, we saw where the foreigner began to share details about himself after being fed. Goo Hae Ryung was however suspicious of who he really was as he spoke their language very well.


Catholics Lives Are Threatened

Meanwhile, the King and the other officials were left in a state of worry by not being able to find out where the trespasser was hiding. They later came to the conclusion that this man may be Catholic and that there may be persons hiding him.

Hence the guards were instructed to search every dwelling inside the palace to find all the Catholics. The practice of Catholicism was prohibited in Joseon and if anyone was found out they would be executed with their entire family. After the raid was carried out, over 70 Catholics were found in the palace, which meant they along with the family members would be killed. The Crown Prince, who hated that innocent people had to die this way regretted that the decision was made to raid the palace.

Seo Kwon, one of the Royal historians was later found out by Historian Min that he was Catholic and when the guards came to the Office of Royal Decrees, Historian Min put his life on the line to save him. Seo Kwon who met the foreigner by chance saw that he was a Catholic believer and hid him in the Office of Royal Decrees.

Historian Min later questioned him about his practice but Seo Kwon enlightened him about what it meant to be a true Catholic.

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The Secret About Goo Hae Ryung

This episode ended with a major plot twist that some of us didn’t see coming. After seeing Mo-Hwa outside her gate, Hae Ryung decided to invite her inside, to thank her for helping her in Pyongyang. Not knowing that her brother and Mo-Hwa were already acquainted, Hae-Ryung introduced the two.

Mo -Hwa was later left in shock as it was the first time she was hearing Goo Jae Kyung having a sister. This then brought her to question who Goo Hae Ryung was. In remembering the details that Hae-Ryung had told her when they first met, she realized that Jae-Kyung’s father had died before he was born and he had lived with his sick mother hence he couldn’t have had a younger sister.

This has left us wondering who Hae Ryung really is, and who her actual parents are. And also is she somehow connected to Hodam?
The preview for the following episode will definitely clear up a lot and I cannot wait for it.