Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

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Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap
Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap
Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap. This episode gave us more details on Ga-Kyung’s character and Ta Mi finds out more about Morgan’s past.  Cha Hyeon and Ji Hwan also find themselves becoming closer.

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Ga-Kyung  Lets Her Voice Be Heard

Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

The last episode ended with Ga-Kyung standing up to her mother-in-law and also her parents that continuously puts her in a position that degrades her character. In this episode, we saw where she threaten to take her mother-in-law to court if she continues to disagree to the divorce. She has basically made it clear that she’s no longer a doormat to be walked on.

Her parents are shameless, it appears it is their wish to be loyal dogs to KU group for the rest of their lives.

This episode also really defined the type of marriage and relationship Ga-Kyung has with Jin Woo. Since the start of the series, we have established that their relationship is more business-like and non-romantic. Nonetheless, they have proven time and time again how much they care for each other.

Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

Jin Woo and Ga-Kyung are very similar, they have parents that neglect their most desired wants and needs. Parents that use them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Hence in this episode, when Ga-Kyung mentioned divorcing Jin Woo, her parents were more surprised and upset about the idea than he was. He who understands why she might have said so told her parents to basically consider their daughter’s needs for once. 

Ga-Kyung has also come to the realization that even though she works so hard she has nowhere to go.  

At first, I was displeased at her husband, but since the last couple of episodes, I have seen a different side of him. I appreciate the fact that he loves and cares for her but he doesn’t push her to be with him. He accepts and understands her needs, even though they may not benefit him.

I’m hoping as the series progresses, I will them growing as characters.

Bae Ta Mi Comforts Morgan and Learns Something New About Him 


Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

After finding out that Morgan is sick, Ta Mi Brings him medicine and cares for him. The reason for his sickness, however, surprised her as its something she never expected.

Park Morgan celebrates 2 birthdays, his real birthday and the birthday given to him by his adopted parents. In this episode, Ta Mi found out that he was an adopted child. His birth parents abandoned him on the day he was born. That day is very sad for him, hence whenever his made up birthday comes around he gets extremely depressed and sad, as he reminded of  his real birthday, a very painful time of his life. 

I also believe the reason Morgan is afraid that Ta Mi will have a change of heart and leave is tbecause he was left as a baby. 

In the previous episodes, we saw where he’s always asking her to stay by his side.


 Ji Hwan Pretends to be Cha Hyeon’s Boyfriend For A Night

Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

Cha Hyeon and Ji Hwan are the cutest, apart of me wish they would just confess those underlying feelings they try to smother.  The actions of Cha Hyeon have proven that she likes Ji Hwan, for example, she shows up and supports him whenever he needs. Also, we can tell from their little reactions which makes her heart flutter.

In this episode, Ta Mi and Cha Hyeon were out drinking and Ta Mi mentioned that she had a boyfriend and later questions Cha Hyeon if she has one. Cha Hyeon a bit embarrassed decides to use Ji Hwan as her boyfriend for the night.

They both planned what they would tell Ta Mi about their relationship. However, when the time came Ji Hwan completely changed the script on Cha Hyeon. This scene was very touching and cute, as it revealed that Ji Hwan was speaking from their actual occurrences which showed that he somewhat considers Cha Hyeon more than a friend.

Ga-Kyung Is A Terrible Cook

Search: WWW Episode 10 Recap

In this episode, we saw Ga-Kyung living on her own for the first time and cooking for the first time.  This scene actually showed me another side of her, when at work she appears to be a very cold and strict person, however in her personal space she appears humane.

In this episode,  after her husband came to the apartment to visit her he noticed that she had cooked. Curious about how it might taste, he gave it a try. At first, he tasted it and complimented her on the rice however with other items he made fun of her. 

Embarrassed by him tasting her cooking she suggests that they eat something else. Jin Woo, however, wanted to show her that he was willing to eat her bad cooking as she spent time making it.

The point of this scene was to show us that Ga-Kyung and Jin Woo could actually have a regular relationship if they wanted to.

Tae Mi Begs Alex to Stay With Barro

Alex had received an offer from Unicon which has a higher position and better pay.  By the way, this was Ga-Kyung’s strategy to break apart Ta Mi’s team. 

Alex has been indecisive the entire episode about accepting his offer, looking for reasons to stay he tells Ta Mi hoping that she would ask him to stay. In the end after having a talk with Brian, Ta Mi actually went ahead and begs Alex as she believed that he plays an important part on the team.

This also shows us the difference in which Barro and Unicon treat their employees. 

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