Search: WWW Episode 12 Recap

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Search: WWW Episode 12 Recap

Search: WWW Episode 12 Recap. This episode displayed the difficulty employees at Barro faced as major changes are made to their online systems. Also, we see where Ta Mi and Morgan’s relationship brings them to a point of realization. Cha Hyeon and Ji Hwan also continue to figure out what they are about.

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 Ga Gyeong’s Troubled Mind

The last episode ended with Cha Hyeon standing up to Ga Gyeong about her nasty attitude which caused her to reflect upon herself. The confrontation since has been on each of their minds especially Ga Gyeong who seemed to have lost someone she had held close to her heart.  

Cha Hyeon reflecting afterward realized that she did not mean to be so harsh.  She, however, hated the fact that Ta Mi allowed herself to be bullied and talked down to by Ga Gyeong.  It appears that Cha Hyeon and Ta Mi has grown closer while Cha Hyeon and Ga Gyeong friendship has been put on halt.
I admire the bond and friendship that Ta Mi and Cha Hyeon have formed over the past episodes. At first, no one would have thought that the biggest rivals and competitors would become such great friends.

Further on in this episode, Cha Hyeon became stressed with her decision in disabling ‘My Homepage’, Ta Mi will, however, comfort her by making her get drunk.

The results that unfolded was a bit hilarious. 

Barro makes Big Decision About ‘My Homepage’


The majority of this episode focused on Barro making the big decision to upgrade their online systems by making it less crowded,  which meant removing sections such as ‘My Homepage”. We saw where several persons were saddened by this, due to the hard work that was invested when Barro initially started out.

‘My Homepage’ held a lot of memories for employees at Barro and also their wide user base. Cha Hyeon was one of those persons that felt indifferent about the changes made.

She along with many other employees had dedicated themselves to work and to Barro with the hope that one it would become one of the best. And now that is one of the best, one of their prime features have been disabled to accommodate more effective means of growing Barro.

Cha Hyun Surprises Ji Hwan

In the previous episodes, Ji Hwan gave Cha Hyun a gift as a way of saying thanks for all her effort. In return, she wanted to do something that would make him happy. Hence she surprised him on the set of his drama by providing food cart for him and his co-stars. She also gifted him a billboard, which really surprised him.

We have learned that Ji Hwan is a bit sensitive, so receiving such a huge gift from someone he liked made him tear up. He, however, feels guilty that he is not able to do the same for Cha Hyeon,  who always seems to support him fully.


Although the two haven’t defined what they really are as yet, Cha Heyon has made it clear that she doesn’t need much from him. 

Chairwoman Jung Uses Barro Acting CEO

Chairwoman Jung is corrupt in every way you can possibly consider. She sees people as tools that she can use to attain her own goal. By failing to persuade Ga Gyeong to manipulate Unicon’s keyword, she has found another person to manipulate and that is Kevin, the acting CEO at Barro.

The two are corrupt alike, they see the benefit of working together. Ta Mi had asked Ga Gyeong to find out what the meeting between the Chairwoman and Kevin was about, know that she knows I am not sure if she’ll tell Ta Mi the truth or use it at her advantage.

Kim Woo and Ga Gyeong Becomes Closer

Kim Woo has been staying close to Ga Gyeong since the recent episodes. Their life together now makes them realize what it feels like to be an actual couple. They’re starting to see the vulnerable side they both possess. In this episode, they shared the same bed, this appeared to be uncommon for them since they are not romantically involved.

Kim Woo has also continued to support his wife without her knowing. In this episode, he offered her family an opportunity to restart their lives and demanded that they refrain from using Ga Gyeong as a shield to their own gain. 

I’m hoping that as the series goes on, the two will fall in love even if they do get a divorce.

Ta Mi and Park Morgan Argues

In this episode, Ta Mi and Morgan ran into his mom at the mall and Ta Mi being afraid and self-conscious decided to introduce herself as Morgan’s colleague. 

Morgan was later hurt by this as he saw that Ta Mi was insecure about their relationship. With this in the air, the issue of marriage later came up which caused him to question the reason for being together. Ta Mi believes that it is unfair that she always must explain why her beliefs differ when it comes on to the topic of marriage.

Morgan, on the other hand, was hoping their time together would eventually help Ta Mi to change her mind. 

Also, after their argument, Ta Mi later found out that Park Morgan is her friend’s, first love. The preview appears to be good, whereby it shows Ta Mi trying to deal with the fact that her friend loves her boyfriend.

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