Search: WWW Episode 16 Recap

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Search: WWW Episode 16 Recap

Search: WWW Episode 16 Recap. Search: WWW has come to an end. Great acting was displayed from start to finish, it’s safe to say it fulfilled the needed requirements for a drama and it also had an engaging plot carried out by an impressive cast.
Even though the main focus was set on the development of the female characters, the drama does not scream women’s empowerment in your face. Yes, the female leads are strong, but realistically with imperfections, worries, and vulnerabilities of their own and it reveals the weaknesses the men around them face as well.

I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an entertaining, uplifting drama that challenges the recurring story lines we’ve seen over and over in Korean dramas. It was a great watch, excellent job to everyone that made it a success.

Anyways let’s get into the highlights of episode 16, also to see the recaps of episode 15, please click here.

Barro and Unicon Stand Together

In order to fight against the government’s plan to have control over people’s personal information, Barro tried to get Unicon on board so that their refusal would be more compelling.
Unicon board members, however, were not in accordance with what Barro was putting forward. Hence to get further assistance, Ta-Mi had a one on one chat with Ga-gyeong where she tried to persuade her. Based on what we learned so far, Ga-Gyeong’s character is not easily swayed and she is also an opportunist. Ta-Mi knowing this thought that mentioning Cha-Hyun  would help sway her.

Ga-Gyeong has always felt indebted to Cha-Hyun and this was an opportunity for her to repay her debt.
In the end, both companies made the decision to stand against the government’s request by posting their refusal on their homepage. This revealed to the public the intentions of the government which later caused them to retract their plans.

Further on in this episode, we also see where Ga-gyeong resigned from her position of CEO and revealed her actions in manipulating keywords by the request of KU Group. The Chairwoman of KU Group did not see this coming.
Ga-Gyeong growth over the previous episodes has shown that she is resilient.


Cha-Hyun and Ji Hwan Watch the Sunset

In this episode, Cha-Hyun and Ji-Hwan were at a height of happiness and also sadness, as his time to enlist was very near. The two, since the last episode made the decision to spend as much time together as possible. In this episode, they watched the sunset and confessed their love.
I’m happy that out of the three couples in this drama, their relationship isn’t as complicated as the others, hence making their scenes light and enjoyable to watch.
Cha-Hyun has had her share of men and Ji-Hwan being different from them makes her feel secure in their relationship.
In this final episode, we saw where each day she sent him a message encouraging him as a way to tell him that she’s patiently waiting on his return.
Towards the end, he was granted furlough, to which he surprised Cha-Hyun with a visit.

Park Morgan Gets Closure

In this episode, Park Morgan met up with his late mother’s husband. It was then, he found out that his mother did not keep him as a secret, after hearing this he felt somewhat appreciative while at the same time heartbroken as she’s no longer alive. All he ever wanted was to get acknowledged by his birth mom and even though he found out after she died that she did love and care for him he was content. This helped in getting closure over her death.


Furthermore, to make up for her lost time with him, Park Morgan’s mom also left behind several gifts according to each stage of his life. This was a very sad moment to watch. Congrats to Jang Ki Yong for executing the emotional scenes perfectly.

Ga-Gyeong and Jin-Woo

I really wanted these two to at least have a romantic kiss in this episode but I guess I will just have to leave that to my imagination. In this episode, Ga-gyeong broke free from her ties to KU group and got her chance to disappear. This has always been her dream.

Jin Woo who has been by her side and defending her since the previous episodes did not want their relationship to end with the divorce so he asked to date her.
She, however, needed to get away for a while. He did not give up hope and promised to wait until she was ready.


Ta-Mi and Park Morgan Together

Since the previous episode, we all thought that Ta-Mi and Park Morgan would not have a happy ending. In this episode, we saw how heartbreaking it was for them to be apart. Ta-Mi wanted to be there for Morgan who had been going through a rough time.
He, however, went to Australia to his adopted parents, after finding this out Ta-Mi was heartbroken as she thought he would never return. Whenever she missed him, she would ring his phone every now and then, even though she knew it would go to voicemail.

In the past, she had promised him that she would celebrate his real birthday, due to this she rang his phone hoping he had returned to Korea. Surprised to hear it didn’t go to the voicemail she realized he had returned.
Park Morgan who had just returned ran to Ta-Mi and the two decided that it was too hard being apart. Hence despite their differences, they decided to give it another try.

Their decision reflects the reality of most relationships today, and I believe that’s what the writers were going for. The two will definitely have the same issues in the future but they have made up their minds to deal with it. I honestly believe it is unhealthy to live like that. 


I really liked the ending of this drama, even though I felt like each character’s story could have fleshed out some more. This is the type of drama that could continue into a second season.

The drama’s depth resided in its characters and the graphic depiction of the internet market and also the rise of women who started from the bottom to the top.
These three women displayed strength and supported each other even though at times they were not on the same page. In the end, they all stood for what was right.

Great job to everyone that made this drama a success!!!

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