Search: Www Episode 3 and 4 Recap

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Search: Www Episode 3 and 4 Recap
Search: Www Episode 3 and 4 Recap

Search: Www Episode 3 and 4 Recap

Search: Www Episode 3 and 4 Recap. Hi guys, this recap will be centered on highlighting the main points that occurred in episode 3 and 4 of Search: WWW. Before I get into it I must say, this drama is developing nicely, the characters are doing a fantastic job of bringing life to the story.  While Tae Mi tries to settle down at Barro she faces hostility from the employees there and also from Unicon, her previous workplace, who is using every chance they get to take her down,

In regards to her love life, she is left undecided on her feelings for Mo-Gun. 

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Episode 3- 

Ta -Mi and Her Team Tries to Settle at Barro

In the previous episodes, Tae Mi has been dismissed from Unicon and as a result, she has taken on a new job at Barro, Unicon’s biggest competitor.

Episode 3, starts off with CEO Min relaying to his new staff the functions of their new workplace. They realize that Barro must not be a real place as it is so different from Unicon; a stressfree environment where they can be themselves while being productive.

In becoming familiar each member introduces themselves with their English names and their responsibility at Barro. They also find out about some personal details about Scarlet(Cha Hyun)- apparently, she has a criminal record for assault and she once beat a man so severely for touching her that he was hospitalized.

In their strategy meeting, Ta-mi maintains that in order to immediately raise Barro’s profile, they should focus on the search engine. She points out the advantages Unicon’s search engine has and what needs to be done to get Barro’s up to standard. Cha Hyun definitely saw this as an insult and challenges her opinion. 

As the episode goes, Ta- Mi will come up with additional ways to make Barro the number one search engine. 

She will also begin to question herself and her decisions as she is reminded of Ga-Kyung. 

Cha Hyun and Ga-Kyung have a Weird Relationship:

While getting to find out about Cha Hyun and Ga Kyung’s relationship, some at first may wonder if the two were involved romantically.  They appear to have a close relationship where they share personal details about each other’s life. 

While having a drink it was discovered that these two have history. In this scene, we saw where Ga Kyung asks Cha Hyung if she is still afraid of her and tells her that she is always saving her. The scene where she saved her from getting hit by the bicycle was intended by the writers to put questions in our minds. Based on what I know of Korean dramas a close up slow motion scene is always done, when the writers are trying to spark emotion in the viewer. 

Furthermore, in a flashback young Hyun had defended Ga-Kyung when she was being attacked by a group of boys.  In a sense, we can see why they trust and depend on each other. We see a different side of Ga Kyung when she is talking with Cha Hyun, she is not her usual serious, cold and unhappy self, she actually smiles. 

Additionally, in episode 3, we see the second encounter between Ga Kyung and her husband. Upon finding out that her husband bought her parents a new set of appliances she visits him. When comparing how Ga Kyung expression while with her husband to when she’s with Cha Hyun it’s quite obvious she’s very unhappy.

Ta Mi and Mo Gun Becomes Closer:

In trying to understand their unresolved relationship the two meets up. Mo Gun makes inquiries about whether or not Ta-Mi has anyone she’s seeing. Though she is a bit uncomfortable that he is 28 and she is 10 years his senior, he makes it clear that he doesn’t mind one bit.  As much as she tells him that the first night they spent together was a mistake, he refuses to believe it. 

Ta- Mi makes it clear to Mo-Gun that she’s at the stage of her life now where she will not be jumping into unfulfilling relationships. She enlightens him that relationships now aren’t fueled by love but by survival; she, however, is impressed by his determination to show her love. 

In dealing with her challenging work life, we can see where Ta Mi actually enjoys having someone to talk to, even though she doesn’t admit it. 

Also in episode 3, Ta Mi felt sorry that Mo-gun got fired by Unicon and tried what she could to help him even if it meant answering his calls and responding to his messages.


Episode 4- 

Ta-Mi Thinks of Mo-Gun:

  In an effort to understand Mo-Gun expressing his feelings for Ta-Mi she compares him to Bong-Ki who is also the same age. In making the comparison she is wondering why Mo-Gun is so direct and straightforward for his age. 

Mo Gun intentionally annoys Ta- Mi so that she’ll think of him. An example of this is in the scene where she was in the coffee shop and Mo-Gun appeared and started using a marker to draw on her leg to hide a run in her hose. 

When she asks why he did that his response was the most naughty.  “So you’ll think of me when you take them off.”

Also in episode 4, Mo-Gun confronted Ga-Kyung about her reason for firing him, shock at his sudden ‘straightforwardness’ she told him why.  Mo-Gun told her he’s aware that he’s being used a pawn to get back at Ta Mi, but that doesn’t concern him as he wants to get back to work. 

Meanwhile, Ta Mi is having dinner with Joon Soo and also tried to get him to look on Mo-Gun’s work. Mo Gun seeing the two together starts to question Ta Mi about it. 

After finding out that Joon Soo is dating Hyun while being in a relationship so she threatens to tell on him, which got him scared and offered Mo-Gun a job.  Though in the end, Mo-Gun will accept the offer for Ga-Kyung. 

Being worried that he might get fired again, Ta-Mi warns him that they may be using him. Mo-Gun feels that the reason why Ta-mi helped him with a getting a job was because of guilt. He is worried that when that guilt is gone she’ll have a reason to stop seeing him. 

Barro’s Decision:

Due to the recent controversies around Unicon manipulation search engine, we see where the head office has confronted them to make changes or else there will be major management reforms.  As such they have tried to be impartial to avoid being called to the forefront. 

Also in this episode, we see where Barro is faced with the decision of whether or not remove the video circulating with top star Han Min Kyu who was videoed in a host bar.  Ta-Mi had mentioned that Unicon had the video up and that they should do the same. 

  Ta-Mi strongly holds the view that they should not alter the search engine. She sticks to her belief that the public is entitled to guide its own interests, and that it’s not Barro’s job to protect a celebrity from their own bad decisions. 

Han Min Kyu later attempted suicide due to intense defamation and we see where both Unicon and Barro blame themselves.  

In the ER, the doctors tried to revived Min-kyu, and miraculously, they were able to get his heart going again. 

Episode 4 ended with Ta-Mi’s name rising to the top of the most searched item which scared her however M0-Gun came just in time to protect her.

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