Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap

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Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap
Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap
Search: Www Episode 8 Recap

Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap. In this recap, you will see spoilers. This episode was quite enjoyable, slow at some points but it developed nicely to the end. There is much to expect from Ta Mi and Mo-Gun and also Ga-Kyung’s decision to be more resilient.

Cha Hyeon Declines Ga-Kyung’s Request

Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap


The previous episode ended whereby Ga-Kyung had requested that in the trade of Godori, Ta Mi would give her Cha Hyeon. In this episode, Cha Hyeon somewhat felt insulted that Ga-kyung would use her as a bait in her personal affairs with Ta Mi.

Episode 8, started off with a flashback to Cha Hyeon and Ga-Kyung’s past. As the two talks about the trade, we see where Ga-Kyung opens up about her guilt of taking away Cha Hyeon’s dream of becoming a judo player.

Cha Hyeon, however, appeared grateful for Ga-kyung’s as she helped her in getting into a prestigious university and it is beacuse of that she now has a job she loves.

Hence in a light manner we where Cha Hyeon politely refuse to accept her offer.  


Bae Ta Mi Admires Mo-Gun

Mo-Gun visits Ta Mi at her office and she was left heated and speechless at the beauty in front of her. Presumably, Mo-gun changed his hairstyle which made look more masculine and attractive. Ta Mi instantly noticed the difference in his appearance and couldn’t stop staring him.

LOL, I must say that these two are a tease to each other. As much as how Ta – Mi tries to hide her obvious feelings it is being spewed in everything she does. Mo-Gun, on the other hand, knows he is a great catch and doesn’t hesitate, to flaunt himself to Ta-Mi.

Ta Mi who appears to be a bit possessive warns Mo-Gun not to wear shirts with his chest out or pull back his hair. His response was quite hilarious, 

” You don’t need to clean before I come to your office.”

Ta Mi totally thought he didn’t notice. 

Chae Hyeon Visits Seol Ji Hwan In the Hospital

Chae Hyeon visits her favorite actor in the hospital once again and unexpectedly met Joon Soo along the way. Suprised to see her, Joon Soo called her by Dong Joo’s name which made her want to beat him.

In this episode, Chae Hyeon continues to learn more about Ji Hwan and we also see her deliberating and making sense of the things he likes.

Later on in the episode, Chae Hyun found out that Ji Hwan dies on the tv show. Pretending to be his manager, they confronted the director and gave him a plot twist, which encouraged him to rehire ji Hwan.

Ji Hwan thanked Cha Hyeon and said his goodbye which made her sad.



Barro Rises On Top Once Again

Brian the CEO of Barro, released a video acknowledging the recent controversy regarding the tangsuyuk emoji’s,  whereby he apologized for using the dip rather than the pour. Supringsigly his apology pushed Barro to the top.

To celebrate he offered to treat everyone at a team dinner, however, only Ta Mi went. She later invited Mo-Gun. 

While at the table,  Ta Mi and Mo-Gun were asked how they first met. The two had very different answers. To signal him on what he should go with, Ta Mi touches his hand under the table, in return, Mo-Gun rubbed her hand sensually which made her uneasy. 

As a result of a family matter, Brian mentioned the age at which he got married. He then asked the two if they are willing to get married. Again they had differing answers. Ta Mi, No, and Mo-Gun, Yes. 

Mo-Gun has a traditional way of thinking, he wants to marry and have children while Ta Mi is the modern day career woman. After realizing the differences in opinions the two are reluctant to start dating.  

Bae Ta Mi believes it is useless to start something when it will end anyway, Mo-Gun, however, believes he is young and marriage can wait so they should be together now. 


Ga-Kyung Finally Stands Up to Her Mother-In-Law

Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap

Chairwoman Jang, of KU Group, has forever used Unicon as her minion to exploit those she is competing against. In episode 8, we witness where she coerced Ga-Kyung to upload a false article regarding the newly appointed president Seo Myeong Ho.

Ga-kyung who have become tired of the shameless requests of her mother-in-law decides to put her foot down, by letting know that Unicon will collapse in the midst if she continues to exploit them. Chairwoman Jang, however, believes it’s okay if Unicon collapses as it has served its purpose.

Her saying that really triggered Ga-Kyung’s response of letting her know that KU Group is meaningless without Unicon and that Unicon is her treasure, hence she will cherish it.

I must say I am pleased to see Ga-Kyung finally making the decision not to be the minion of KU Group or her Mother In Law anymore. She is finally holding her ground and letting her voice be heard. This scene exhibited the true strength she has been withholding. 


Ta Mi and Mo-Gun Undying Love

Search: WWW Episode 8 Recap

Earlier on in the episode, it was established that both Ta Mi and Mo-Gun have huge differences when it comes on to marriage. This has caused a big disarray by allowing the two to question the reason for being with each other.

In an attempt to change Ta Mi’s mind, Mo-Gun tried to recreate their first meeting. By rationalizing Ta Mi knows that this may be a big mistake in the long run, however, what her heart tells her currently consumes and controls her mind. Hence she gave it a go and decided to chase after Mo-Gun who had made up his mind to quit.

The preview reveals that there is a lot more in store for both Mo-Gun and Ta Mi and also for Unicon and Barro.

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