Seung-won from “Welcome to Waikiki” Sentenced 1.6 Years Imprisonment |HIT and RUN

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            Yesterday (April 11), the Seoul Central District Court ruled a final sentence of one year and 6 months imprisonment for actor Son Seung Won after he pleaded guilty to violating the act of Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes for fleeing the scene of an accident, among other charges.

waikiki-1.jpgBack in December of 2018, Son Seung Won was charged with attempting to get away with a hit-and-run accident while intoxicated, despite the fact that his driver’s license was revoked at the time.

Hong Kichan, the senior judge who sentenced the actor, explained,

“Drunk driving is a crime that can not only affect the driver’s life but others as well. The need for severe punishment for drunk drivers has emerged, a law revision was put into place to strengthen the punishment for drunk drivers.”


The actor was given a week to submit any appeals. In the case that he chooses not to appeal and serve his sentence, Son Seung Won will no longer be able to carry out his mandatory military service as an active duty soldier, according to South Korean law.