Seungri admits to paying for sex services

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Seungri's arrest warrant
Seungri's arrest warrant

It’s been confirmed that Seungri acknowledged the prostitution charges during the arrest warrant exam on May 14th.

According to a report by Channel A News on the 18th, Seungri admitted to the prostitution charges in court 4 days ago and said, “It’s true that I had sexual intercourse with a female employee of an adult entertainment establishment and paid for the services. I’m reflecting on my actions. As a celebrity, it was hard for me to admit to the suspicions of soliciting prostitution but I never mediated prostitution for others.”


Seungri denied allegations of soliciting prostitutes for the Japanese investors and the alleged embezzlement of $500 million won from Club Burning Sun.

Police are planning to forward the case to prosecution as soon as possible next week.