Seungri Claims he is also a victim in the ‘Burning Sun’ controversy

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Seungri Burning Sun
Seungri Burning Sun

Seungri and Burning Sun have been in the media for a while now due to a scandal that has rocked the entire South Korean entertainment industry. 

Seungri did an interview where he shared a lot of things and speak on varies topics. In this interview, he says that he was also a victim in the burning sun controversy.

 he said, “Things are getting too far away from the truth. From the beginning, I said it wasn’t true. I am complying diligently with police investigations.


Seungri further said that he only let ‘Burning Sun‘ borrow his name, and that he participated in the promotions. He firmly stated that he was the victim in the situation as a stockholder in ‘Burning Sun’.

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