Seungri Prostitution Scandal Can Get Worst.

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This Seungri prostitution Scandal has been all over the media. Everyone has reported about it, this is major news in Korea and internationally. A story of this magnitude in the me-too era is enough to cancel someone’s entire career. All you would need to make this story any worse is to have one of these women participating in this prostitution ring to come forward and say that they were forced to do said prostitution and Victory career will be annihilated.

This realization I think Seungri as also come to understand because today he announced that he was retiring from the entertainment industry as well as enlisting in the military. One might see this as a contingency plan on his part. Trying to minimize the damage that has already been done to his carrier are trying to stop any further damage from taking place. let’s just hope no female come forward saying that they were forced into prostitution by him and his career would be over for good.