Seungri Prostitution Scandal Unintentionally Exposed By Fellow Celebrity

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Seungri Prostitution Scandal
Seungri Prostitution Scandal
Seungri Prostitution Scandal
Seungri Prostitution Scandal

As this Seungri prostitution scandal continues to unfold it is getting more bizarre. The story is picking up steam as well, USA media Site Variety has published an article on it plus more media houses are picking it up. A scandal of this magnitude especially in the Me Too era is career suicide no wander Seungri Announce his retirement and Military enlistment.

Anyway, the bizarre part of this story was confirmed by the police today. The polices confirm that the KakaoTalk chats based on the investigation are real. The police said that they obtain the information from a whistleblower, who obtained one of Seungri fellow celebrity phone. 

  According to their report, the chatroom messages were obtained from a fellow celebrity’s phone. The report explained that a celebrity, who is also in the same chatroom, sent in his cellphone to get repaired. The full story was discovered through this cellphone and this is how the whistleblowing and the subsequent investigations began.



If this is true it shows how stupidly said fellow celebrity is, You have a phone with incriminating evidence why would you hand it to a total stranger to fix. Why not buy a new phone. As the story unfolds its really getting bizarre. You can stay tuned to the Drama Obsess for more as the story update.

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