Seungri said he Told Jung Joon Young To Stop Film or Share Videos of Women

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Jung joon young arrested
Jung joon young arrested

In an exclusive in-depth interview with Joseon Ilbo on March 22, Seungri shared that he told Jung Joon Young to stop film or share videos of women. Below you can see exactly what he said about the incident with Jung Joon Young sharing sex videos.

Translation of the interview credited to koreaboo.

The things in the Kakaotalk chat rooms, aren’t they about my life? Why didn’t I stop it? I told Jung Joon Young to stop doing things like [taking hidden camera videos], he could get in big trouble. I didn’t just say that to Jung Joon Young, I told everyone in the chatroom. It’s just I did not say it in the chatroom itself. The public has been suspecting everything that is in the chatroom, but what about conversations that happened through phone calls? Or conversations that we held in person? The public wouldn’t know what was said.


Seungri and Jung Joon Young have been at the center of this scandal that has rocked the entire South Korean entertainment industry. Implicating many and forcing them into retirement. Many believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more dark and dirty deeds hiding in the industry.

This scandal will hurt the clean and conservative image that South Korea Entertainment industry tries to project to the world. A lot of international eyes is now paying attention to South Korea. Let’s see if they take this chance to really clean up their entertainment sector or leave it to fester and gets worst.

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