Should you or Should you not Watch ENCOUNTER?

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First Thoughts:

The Encounter’s storyline is not much different from the hundreds of Korean dramas I’ve seen. But the reason I made the effort to watch it was because of the leads.

my encounter.PNG

Like who doesn’t want to see Park Go Bum on-screen. He’s really handsome and that smile is to die for. Ok, let me stop. takes a deep breath

The female lead (Song Hye Kyo), I’ve enjoyed her acting in Descendants of the Sun, so I thought why not, let me check her out. In some parts of the drama though, I found her facial expressions to be a bit dull and emotionless even with the kissing scenes and the happy scenes.

The story started out ok. It’s rare to see Korean dramas filmed outside the country; so seeing the characters explore outskirts of Cuba was different, which was good for the first episode. However at the end of episode one I just really wanted them to return to their homes. I was ready for the realness of the story to begin.

My Struggles: 

There were some unrealistic scenes that made me squirm, like who takes a sleeping pill then goes out and fall asleep on a someone they literally just met. Nothing is impossible though. After all, this is K-drama land.


If you’re one of those K-drama fans who are in love with office romance then this could be it. Though a bit different, it’s a female boss instead of a male boss. Their relationship was forbidden by persons from both sides of the family. So that’s a ride you can look out for in seeing how their relationship overcame the disapproval.


There were cute moments, like with most romance genres.

My True Thoughts: 

Honestly speaking I didn’t get the chemistry between the two characters on screen. It seemed forced most of the time. The female lead was quite laid back. But I guess it’s the character she was portraying.  I plan to check out more of her dramas to see if it’s a thing with her. I don’t want to be biased.

In the real world though, a newly hired employee dating the CEO of such a big company would call for some fightbacks. Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk thinking – and even saying – that their relationship has nothing to do with the company, is bizarre. It’s a total conflict of interest, and the PR team is already demonstrating that in the way that they treat Jin Hyuk.

I literally pushed through to watch all the episodes. For the last two, I skipped through them.  It wasn’t very interesting.

Her secretary(Jang Min-Jin) relationship with the restaurant owner(Lee Dae- Chan) was somewhat more entertaining and realistic.   As the drama went on I found myself paying more attention to other stories developing around the leads.  The relationship between the leads was mind-numbing and forced. So that pulled me away.

So should you or should you not watch The Encounter. You should.  You may have a different opinion.