Sojin Retires from Girl’s Day and Pursues Acting Career

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Sojin Retires
Sojin Retires

Sojin Retires

Sojin popularly known as a member of the South Korean group Girl’s Day recently announced that she’ll be leaving the group and will be pursuing her acting career.

Earlier today, it was made public that Sojin had resigned from her agency Dream T Company and had signed with Noon Company, an acting agency

In addressing the issue the idol went to Instagram and explained to fans that the other group members  Yura, Hyeri and Minah were in full support of her decision

In the letter, she thanked her fans for being in support of her decision.

 “I’m sorry to the many fans who’ve waited as we let go of our title as Girl’s Day for a while. However, this is not the end of Girl’s Day. It’s just a break so please wait for the day we’re together again even though it might take a long time. The members including myself will work our best at our individual positions and I pray there will be a day where we can deliver delightful news through a good opportunity.”


Sojin ended the letter, stating,  “I will be depicting a different story as ‘Park So Jin’ from now on. I love you. Thank you. And I’m sorry. This was Sojin. Please perceive me kindly til the end. Thank you.”

Fans have wished her good luck in her future acting career.

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