Song Da Eun Agency To press charges Against Rumors Linking Her to ‘Burning Sun Scandal’

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Actress Song Da-Eun has been accused of being involved in the Burning Sun scandal after it was previously revealed she had managed Seungri’s hip hop lounge bar Monkey Museum. In her defense, she has outrightly denied having any form of involvement.

A statement was revealed today (March 18) by Lanent, Song Da Eun agency that “Song Da Eun worked at Monkey Museum for roughly a month during its opening, but she has no relation to Burning Sun.”

Last year, Song Da Eun took to her personal Instagram account to publicize that she was helping Seungri open Monkey Museum, as he was someone that she had been friendly with since her school days.


However, when her name was called in the Burning Sun scandal her agency explained that the  actress was “suffering from material and mental harm”  from the impact of the speculations, adding that they will be collecting data to figure out who is circulating this false information and may consider strong legal action if the rumors continue.