Song Joong Ki Joins New Agency, Leaving Blossom Entertainment

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Song Joong Ki Joins New Agency
Song Joong Ki Joins New Agency

Song Joong Ki Joins New Agency

Song Joong Ki Joins New Agency. Song Joong Ki left his old agency Blossom Entertainment and joined History D&C.  History D & C is a representative of Hwang Ki-yong, who led the iHQ drama business division. It is a newly established entertainment company based on strong trust, which is one of the reason Song Joong-Ki joined.

History D&C release a statement which can be read below: 

Hello, this is History D&C.

We have signed a management contract with actor Song Joong Ki, and this has signaled a new beginning.

History D&C is an entertainment company founded by Hwang Ki Yong, who led the iHQ Drama Department, based on his trust with Song Joong Ki that has been established through “The Innocent Man,” “Tree with Deep Roots,” and “Will it Snow for Christmas?.”


We will do our best to make sure Song Joong Ki and History D&C create positive synergy for each other and grow together.

In 2020, Song Joong Ki will continue to be active through the nation’s first space sci-fi blockbuster film “Lightning Ship” as well as “Bogotá,” which tells the story of Colombian immigrants in the 1990s.

We here at Drama Obsess pray that this partnership between Song Joong Ki and his new agency will be prosperous. Hope to see him many upcoming kdramas since he one of our favourites.

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