Song Won Seok And Park Se Wan To Join Cast of "Joseon Survival"

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            <![CDATA[The 2019 Korean upcoming drama <strong>Joseon Survival </strong>has added two additional members to its casting list.

Song Won Seok and Park Se Wan will be featured in “Joseon Survival,” alongside Kang Ji Hwan and Kyung Soo Jin,  starring as leads the drama.
Song Won Seok is known for his role in the drama My Only One and Park Se Wan is a rookie actress who has starred in the movies Omok Girl and Dance Sports Girls.
Joseon Survival is a time-slip drama about Han Jung Rok, a former national archer and current deliveryman from 2019. He ends up travelling to the past and meets Im Kkeok Jeong, a famous thief from the Joseon dynasty. Together, they struggle to survive, put their lives at stake for the people they love, and share a strong friendship.
Kang Ji Hwan will play Han Jung Rok, who travels through time to the Joseon dynasty with his first love and younger sibling. There, he joins Im Kkeok Jeong in fighting against corrupt officials.
Kyung Soo Jin will take on the role of Lee Hye Jin, a medical resident at the department of rehabilitation and the only daughter of a wealthy family. She is Han Jung Rok’s first love and a woman with a sophisticated way of speaking and an elegant air about her.
Song Won Seok will play Im Kkeok Jeong, who is a true figure who was alive in 1562. He is a witty man with a pretty face and large physique.
Han Jung Rok’s younger sister Han Seul Gi will be played by Park Se Wan. Despite the 15-year age gap between Han Seul Gi and Han Jung Rok, she easily outsmarts her brother.
Joseon Survival,

 is set to air in June.]]>