Start-Up Episode 10 Recap 

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Start-Up episode 10 Recap 

Episode 10 of Start-Up took a slower pace as Dal-Mi hits an all-time low after learning that the people she cares about lied to her. As the triangular love becomes more evident, Dal-Mi is further left in an uncomfortable and confusing position as she tries to figure out her feelings. Do-San seeing Dal-Mi at a low had to become that strength she needed to carry on. See the highlights below of episode 10.

Ji-Pyeong Reveals the Truth 

After the discovery made in the last episode, Dal-Mi is left in a spot where she is intolerant of lies — hence at the start of the episode, she demanded that Ji-Pyeong be honest with her. Seeing the frustration in her eyes, Ji-Pyeong tells her about the letters, and that he was granting the request of her grandmother who desperately wanted to help her. He later revealed that Nam Do-San’s feelings are actually real even though everything else may have been fake. Unable to hear anymore, Dal-Mi walks away in frustration.

Do-San Cries and Apologizes

As Dal-Mi waits at the bus station, she is met by a sorrowful Do-San that immediately pleads with her and begs for forgiveness. He admits that he’s sorry but Dal-Mi who was blank pulls away— unable to accept that everything was a lie, Dal-Mi wants him to say he’s the Do-San from 15 years ago. Frustrated she walks away, leaving a tearful Do-San who cries his heart out. Seeing Dal-Mi in an unforgiving state made him realize he may really lose her.

Da-Mi Wants Distance

The following day, Do-San waits for Dal-mi by her gate but is shot down after she tells him that it pains her that she has to continue working with him and Ji-Pyeong — she later requests that they shouldn’t meet outside of work. Do-San left standing with tearful eyes and respects her request.

Later on at work, the members of Sam-San Tech finds out what happened, while the guys hope for the best, Sa-Ha believes that the relationship has ended. As Dal-Mi walks in she puts on a facade to appear unbothered and offered to buy coffee for the team.

Ji-Pyeong Reveals His Feelings for Dal-Mi and Later Connfronts Do-San

While at lunch with Dal-Mi, Ji-Pyeong admitted that he isn’t very fond of Do-San but later reveals that most of what Do-San did was genuine — he also boldly confessed that he likes Da-Mi very much. As he speaks Dal-Mi, however, appears drained and further confused. 

Later on, Ji-Pyeong and Do-San had a one on one. Firstly he asked about NoonGil’s profits but then proceeded to tell Do-San that he admitted his feelings to Dal-Mi and that he can no longer be his bigger ‘brother’. As he proclaims his dominance, Do-San didn’t object but instead walks away.

Dal-Mi Has A Drink and Do- San Shows Up


Stressed out by recent discoveries and the preparation for Demo Day Dal-Mi has been at a low, which leads her to visit the bar. As she sits and talks to another woman, Do-San watches from afar and listens to their convo. Dal-Mi expressed that She feels like she’s walking a tightrope and frets that she could fall at any moment. As the woman tells Dal-Mi to ask her ancestors for help by holding a ceremony, Do-San immediately cuts in and begins to question the woman. He questions the lady and eventually takes Dal-Mi, who appeared to be drunk home.

As Do-San gives Dal-Mi a piggyback ride home, she suddenly tells him he was her dream and that he was there for her when she needed him most. She later asks him to show up like he did at the networking party — hearing this Do-San sprints to Chul-San to get the black suit he wore to the networking party, however when he returned Dal-mi was gone.

Demo Day

It is demo Day and the teams are left anxious about their company’s survival.

While Da-mi sits with the other teams she overhears In-Jae taking ownership of her memory. Upset at this, she confronted In-Jae about her lie but In-Jae tells her that she is a failure. Hearing this, Do-San suddenly cuts in and tells In-Jae to apologize.

As the scene cuts, Do-San and Dal-Mi walk away, and Do- San tells her that he wanted to wear the black suit at demo-day, but he would be acting out of character. He doesn’t want to confuse her and asks Dal-mi to disregard everything she knows about him so far.

Yong- San Blames Ji-Pyeong for His Brother’s Death

Yong-San firmly believes that Ji-Pyeong is responsible for his brother’s death and confronts him. In the previous episodes, someone had written that they wanted to get revenge. This person has turned out to be Yong-San and the man that committed suicide by the bridge appears to be his brother. 

So far, it looks like his brother was once at Sandbox but was treated harshly by Ji-Pyeong. Yong San is angry at Ji-Pyeong for being so hard on his brother. Ji-Pyoeng, unaware of what he is saying jokingly deflects, but this makes Yong-San even more pissed. 

This episode ended with Do-San deciding to get a plan B, later confronts Alex, telling him he’ll take him up on his offer. As the road to creating a Start-Up continues, Dal-Mi is trying to remain focus despite many challenges thrown at her. Stay tuned to drama obsess for more.

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