Start-Up Episode 3 Recap

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Start-Up Episode 3 Recap
Start-Up Episode 3 Recap

Start-Up Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Start-Up starts with Do-San making the necessary preparation for the party where he will meet up with Dal-Mi. As In-Jae and her mother watches, Dal-Mi quickly grabs Do-San and pleads with him to act as they are in love. 

Dal-Mi who has not seen her mom in years grabs onto Do-San in an attempt to impress her mom by introducing her seemingly hot ‘boyfriend’. 

In changing the subject, In-Jae quickly brings up the company proposal and questions Do-San about the funding rounds. After being put on the spot Do-San is quickly saved by Ji-Pyeong who shows up causing the convo to end abruptly. He later introduces himself to Dal-Mi and the others.

In order to get Do-San up to speed, Ji-Pyeong pulls him aside and gives a brief update on who In-Jae really is. As In-Jae watches the two closely, Ji-Pyeong hilariously told Do-San to say the lyrics to the national anthem to pretend they’re deep in conversation. While outside, Ji-Pyeong tells Do-San to drive Da-Mi home as In-Jae watched up with envious eyes. In saying goodbye, Dal-Mi is hugged by her Mom and let her know that she does not regret choosing her late father. With determination in her eyes, Dal-Mi also promises her mother of plans to become successful in the next three years, even surpassing In-Jae. Her mother, however, harshly warns that she may end up like her father if she doesn’t have the right plan. 

This comment got Dal-Mi upset causing her to break down in tears on her way home.

Back at the Party, In-Jae was informed of the shocking news that the party wasn’t held for her but her stepfather Doo-Jung and his secretary Sang-Soo. Her father plans to gradually get Sang-Soo moving up in the company.

While Dal-Mi and Do-San have takeout on the seashore, Ji-Pyeong signals Do-San to speed things up and home. However, after leaving, Dal-Mi is left wondering if he has a girlfriend. He however returns and reassured her that he doesn’t after handing her his business card.

On the way home with Ji-Pyeong, Do-San is scolded after deciding to continue seeing Dol-Mi. Dal-Mi after arriving home is also left excited with her ‘date’ with Do-San and tells her grandmother that he’s an angel. Her grandmother being aware of everything meets up with Ji-Pyeong afterward and promises to reveal the truth to Dal-Mi soon.


In the morning, Dal-Mi goes to work and makes the brave decision to quit her job, leaving her supervisor in disbelief. Soon after she leaves out to visit Do-San, who is left freaked out after hearing she’ll be stopping by. He immediately messages Ji-Pyeong for help.

To continue the plan, they decided to make Ji-Pyeog’s office theirs. After arriving, Dal-Mi breaks the big news of quitting her job and informed them of her plan to start a company as Ji-Pyeong did.

Meanwhile, In-Jae finds herself in problems after her stepfather makes the decision to send her off to the US. She however boldly stood up to him and decided to make a new start at Sandbox, not knowing that her sister Dal-Mi will be there. 

Ji-Pyeong later visits Won Deok and tells her of his plan to postpone telling Dal-Mi the truth. Won-Deok is however left wondering why Ji-Pyeong has taken a sudden interest in Dal-Mi. She later tries to confirm his feelings for Dal-Mi by asking him. But he tells her he doesn’t feel that way. As the story progress, we should however see him coming to terms with his true feelings for Dal-Mi. 

 Meanwhile Do- San and his team members are left in excitement after being notified that they have won the CODA competition. They also ponder if they should work with Ji-Pyeong.

In the epilogue, Do-San’s family gathers to see the broadcast of CODA in which they were announced the winners, a proud moment for the guys.

This episode was hilarious and I can’t for tomorrow to see how the story will further unfold. Stay tuned to drama obsess for more.