Start-Up Episode 4 Recap

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Start-Up Episode 3 Recap
Start-Up Episode 3 Recap

Start-Up Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of Start-Up begins with potential candidates recording their desires for their to-be businesses in the future. Here we have the main characters who eventually run into each other. Do-San who was caught on the spot by the two sisters thought his plan had failed, but to his surprise, he was given the upper hand, whereby In-Jae and Dal-Mi asked him to choose between them.

The scene suddenly cuts to Dal-Mi at home, quizzing her grandmother Won-Deok on innovative business ideas that could be a hit. As Won-Deok looks on she is reminded of Dal-Mi’s dad as he worked on his dream. She was also reminded of the painful experiences he would have as a trying businessman. Worrying about Dal-Mi, she later warns her that businesses can be hard and she should be prepared. 

The following day Dal-Mi heads to the library and runs into Sa-Ha, another competitor for SandBox, the two later wrestled over the last guide book for joining SandBox. Dal-Mi later realizes that there was a new stack of books but tricked Sa-Ha to give her 5000 Won and later runs off to grab one of the newly stacked.   

Mad that she got tricked, Sa-Ha later runs into Do-San and his team members and charges double the amount (10,000 Won) that Dal-Mi charged. LOL 

Later on, Do-San and Dal-Mi run into each other at the library. Both hurried to fix themselves up, in an attempt to not ruin their cover. 

After catching up, they headed to the bus stop. After putting Dal-Mi on the bus, Do-San suddenly got the urge to run the bus down and quickly got in. Sitting beside Dal-Mi, the two later held hands and butterflies were in the air LOL. 

After heading back to Sam-san, Do-San was met by several investors wanting to meet him and get introduced to his business plan. Flustered by the unexpected attention, the team tried their best to sell their work but was later left discouraged as the investors lost interest. Amongst the investors, some thieves tried to steal their secrets, however, Ji-Pyeong stepped in just in time to save the naive boys. He however later scold them for being naive but later warns them to be careful and check with him in the future in case this happens. 

Later on, back at his place, Ji-Pyeong tries to prepare Do-San proper etiquette in preparation for his birthday but is later left frustrated and Do-San seems hopeless. Questioning the boys about their romantic life, Ji-Pyeing was told by Chul-San their numerous attempts to get girls but their chances were ruined by Do-San. 

Meanwhile, Dol-Mi gets ready by preparing her make-up and choosing the perfect outfit. 

In preparation for the big day Do-San had on an ear-piece so that he could stay connected with Ji-Pyeong, just in case he needed help. He was however was left flustered after Dal-Mi decided to back to his office to play Go-Stop(this was Ji-Pyeong’s wish that he wrote in the letters).

After hearing this Ji-Pyeong rushed to prepare his apartment by calling the other members of Sam-San to bring their equipment so that they could set up. He went as far as to get them dressed for Dal-Mi’s arrival.

After all the trouble to prepare Ji-Pyeomg’s apartment as Sam-San office, the guys rushed to the door to greet Dal-Mi and Do-San. 

Soon they start to play the game and hilariously the guys tried their best to keep their cover. However, they were left panicking after Dal-Mi referred to one’s blood type having an impact on their personality. Do-San being a nonbeliever of this, holds his composure, hilariously. 

After a somewhat successful date, Do-San takes Dal-Mi home. He later questions her about why she finds him attractive. However, the reasons she gives links back to Ji-Pyeong and not to him. He was left discouraged but was comforted when she said she liked his big hands. 

After reaching inside, Dal-Mi was greeted with good news after getting a message that she had passed the first screening of SandBox. 

The following day, In- Jae makes the big decision to leave her father’s company, after getting betrayed by him and her secretary. In accompanying her, a few persons handed in their resignations. She later promises to pay them and set up an office, once she gets into SandBox. Her mother, at first, was not supportive of the idea, but after learning that In-Jae needs her support rather than her worry, she started to reinforce her. 

Later on, she too received the good news of passing the first screening for SandBox. 

Meanwhile, excited about his potential career, Do-San heads to Ji-Pyeong to discuss business was later left discouraged after being told that he’s never gonna make a good CEO. While this criticism is constructive on Ji-Pyeong’s part, Do-San is left feeling belittled. 

He later found out that he has passed the first screening and is left feeling proud. As he packs and gets ready to participate in the competitive 3-day hackathon, his father is left irritated rather than happy for Do-San. 

Meanwhile, at Sand-Box, we see our main leads turning up, along with a vast number of other competitors. In-Jae is however left in a sticky position after finding out that her lead developer dropped out. She was however determined to source other developers to fill the spot. 

With 4oo competitors and only 40 spots available, everyone is left in panic mode after being tested on keywords to mainstream topics in South Korea.  

Chul-san is left panicking after realizing that his cell phone was dead, Do-San however tried his best to get his team in the top 40. 

Sadly, after the results had been processed he found out his group was not on the list. This left him and his team members in a state of hopelessness. Luckily In-Jae and Dal-Mi were on the list of successful competitors. After being called up on stage, the two sisters were left staring at each other in surprise. 

Soon after, In-Jae points out Do-San from the audience which left Dal-Mi confused. Dal-Mi went to confront him as to what he was doing there, seeing that he was a hotshot businessman. Left embarrassed, he decided to tell her the truth.

 To make matters worse, In-Jae was there watching this unfold. 

After hearing the truth, Dal-Mi felt deceived but later remembers her prayer before coming to SandBox. Her wish had come true. She later requests to be the CEO of Sam-San, meanwhile, In-Jae asks to recruit Do-San and his team members, while acknowledging her key attributes.

From a moment of hopelessness to a moment of possibilities, the boys are left with a big decision. Do-San makes his decision to make Dal-Mi the CEO of his company. In return, Dal-Mi accepted delightedly.

The next episodes should focus on life at SandBox for the leads, a new and exciting time for them.  

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