Start Up Episode 5 Recap and Review

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Start Up Episode 5 Recap and Review

Do-San Feels Discouraged:

Episode 5 of Start Up begins with Do-San sharing details of his date with his team members. He however, appears down after noting that Dal-Mi mostly likes him for the letters Ji-Pyeong sent and not due to reasons relating to him. He later noted that she liked his hands as they appear larger than hers. Chul-San and Yong San commented that men with good hands are often brilliant and that the use of hands lead to the development of human brains and tool making. This however did not help to cheer him up. 

Han Ji-Pyeong Hides from Dal-mi + In-Jae Steps Her Game Up

Later on at Sand Box , the guys appear cheerful as they fill their bags with candies and pastries. While this is happening, Dal-Mi shows up and states that she is searching for a motivated team member. Meanwhile, out of nowhere, Ji-Pyeing pulled Do-San aside to find out how much of the truth Dal-Mi knows.

In the previous episode, Dal-Mi had caught Do-San at the Hackathon which blew his cover and he was forced to reveal that he was in fact not a hotshot businessman. This has ever since affected his spirit.

After getting Ji-Pyeong up to speed of what Dal-Mi knows, he later tells him that he can now manage on his own and that Ji-Pyeong had done enough. However, Ji-Pyeong insisted on intruding. 

Meanwhile, Chul-San and Yong-San run into two successful AI developers that so happen to be apart of In-Jae’s team. This caused Dal-Mi to panic a bit as she tried to find a suitable team member. The guys later get worried as they believed their team is not up to par. They even suggested to work for In-Jae, but Do-San held his ground and disagreed with the suggestion. 

As the time counts down, Dal-Mi quickly sees Jung Su-Ha, the designer she had met at the bookstore, and pleaded with her to join the team, to which she agreed. Chul-San is later impressed by his new beautiful team member. 

The Competition Gets Heated

The second round of the Sand Box competition starts, where each team is required to make a business case that deals with learning technology. After careful thought, Dal-Mi’s team comes up with an idea where a machine learning algorithm can differentiate between fraudulent and authentic signatures. Ji-Pyeong, after hearing about the team’s plan is left fascinated. Meanwhile, In-Jae’s team has decided to use the same data set in an attempt to challenge her sister. Due to the high level of expertise In-Jae team was the first to successfully crack the algorithm the data set.

As time went by, Sam-san makes little improvement and later decide to add changes to their plan network structure. Later on in the bathroom, Dal-Mi and In-Jae went head to head, which later resulted in In-Jae revealing that her team was also using the handwriting data set. After returning to her team, Dal-Mi is greeted by great news as her team’s result had come back with 99.8% accuracy. Pleased with the news, she suddenly hugs Do-San tightly and thanked him with tears in her eye. 

Ms. Choi Runs Into The Girls Mother

While the hackathon is taking place, Ms. Choi runs into Dal-mi’s and In-Jae’s mother, A-Hyun. The two have not seen each other for ten years and later had a heart-to-heart convo about how much has changed. As they sit with tear-filled eyes, A-Hyun apologized asked what Dal-Mi was like when growing up. Ms. Choi expressed to her that life was not easy for Dal-Mi as she had to drop out of university to help her.  Hearing, A-Hyun was left saddened by the stories. While this unfolds, Ji-Pyeong watches from afar.

After walking out, Ji-Pyeong and Ms. Choi had a little chat, where she revealed that she never regretted helping him and she considered him as her son. This was really a heartwarming moment for him, being an orphan.

Ji-Pyeong Makes a Promise: 

With the segment of the Hackathon to start soon, Chul-San and Yong-San are left concerned about their team’s success. The boys pulled Do-San aside and plead with him that they should be the one to pitch the idea and not Dal-Mi. 

Ji-Pyeong suddenly arrives to hear the convo and tells them that it would be a disaster if they pitch the idea. He, however, promises to invest in their company, if they aren’t successful at Sand Box. 

 Dal-Mi and In-Jae Present and Something Bad Happens

Just before Dal-Mi gets on stage to present, one of the other contestants messes up, which caused her to worry. Realizing this, Ji-Pyeong came to her rescue whereby he emphasized some good presentation points.  

On stage, she tried to collect her thoughts before speaking. As she goes on, everything started to flow and the slides she used definitely aided her presentation. After seeing this, the Samsan boys are overjoyed at her performance. 

In-Jae is up next, and she presents the same idea but promises it is more creative, she however suddenly pauses as she saw her step-dad as one of the judges. She catches herself and continued with the presentation.  During the presentation, she is stopped by her step-dad who made the suggestion that Dal-Mi and In-Jae’s company merge their algorithm. He suddenly requests that In Jae company create a handwriting font and then run it through Samsan’s forgery detector. Do-San after being brought on stage, however, failed to detect the forgery. The Samsan team members are all left feeling discouraged and Sa-Ha exists the team and states she is not impressed by Do-San. 

SamSan Received Great News:

Ji-Pyeong later approaches Dal-Mi and just as he is about to reveal the truth about everything, Do-San comes running in to tell the two that Samsan will move on to the round. Filled with excitement, Dal-Mi hugs Do-san excitedly, and Ji-Pyeing suddenly walks away. 

During the epilogue, Alex visits Do-San’s home where he chats with the boy’s parents. Do-San’s father however has starts to share all the bad stories of his son and that he believed Dosan was foolish. His mother however thinks he is very smart and that one day he’ll be very successful. 

This episode was pretty entertaining, the story is coming together and the cast is doing a great job in conveying the storyline. Based on the preview, tomorrow’s episode should be epic. Stay tuned to drama obsess for more recaps.