Start-Up Episode 6 Recap and Review

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Start-Up Episode 6 Recap

Start-Up Episode 6 Recap

Ji-Pyeong Feels Jealous Because of “The Hug”+ Do-San Extends the Lie

Episode 6 continues from the ending of episode 5, where Dal-Mi and Do-San embrace each other after finding out that Samsan Tech will be moving to the next round of the competition. As the two hug each other, Ji-Pyeong suddenly feels awkward and exists the building to gather his thoughts. He was left feeling indifferent but did not know why.

Meanwhile, Dal-Mi realizes that Ji-Pyeong had disappeared and searches for him. Do-San, however, interjected and tells her to ask him the question she was about to ask Ji-Pyeong. 

While on the outside trying to make sense of the feeling he has, Ji-Pyeong, is later met by Do-san, who had a lot to say. He suddenly tells Ji-Pyeong that Dal-Mi now believes that they are like brothers, which explained why Ji-Pyeong helped to win her over. Ji-Pyeong was not pleased.   

I think this was the right moment for Do-San to reveal the truth to Dal-Mi but I get why he didn’t. He was probably worried that Dal-Mi would start liking the actual person that sent the letters. 

Dal-Mi Visits Her Mother

One of the things Da-Mi wanted to do most after getting into SandBox was to prove to her mother that she made the right choice and that she did not regret it. 

So Dal-Mi visits her mother’s hotel and pretends to bump into her just to show her that she was a successful candidate for SandBox. Her mother, of course, sees her pretense but is thrilled that Dal-Mi came to share such important news. 

Samsan Team is Elated After Getting New Office

The following day, Samsan Tech is introduced to their new workspace and the guys are left overjoyed as they scan through their new impressive office, which just happened to be free.

Meanwhile, Dal-Mi is busy peeking at In-Jae’s office and notices they have a bigger space. Later on, the team gathers and Sa-Ha suddenly appears and makes herself at home. In the previous episode, she had exited the team because she thought they were going to fail but now she’s back.

In-Jae and Dal-Mi Choose Mentors

It is time for the teams to choose their mentors and In-Jae outrightly rejects her step-father and tells him she already decided on a mentor. During her investor interview, she goes with Suk-Han.

From the flashback, we are shown why In-Jae made that decision. She had overheard Suk-Han explaining the meaning behind the “girl on the swing”  which later propelled her to use that story to get ahead in the competition. Dal-Mi however is the girl on the swing and it was her story that In-Jae stole, as we know. Meanwhile, Dong-Chun informs Samsan tech that they’ll be getting 100 million won investment to start off their business and they later discuss due diligence and what it encompasses. The guys were also briefed on the different investors they would be working with.

It is now Dal-Mi’s time to choose her mentor and she decides to go with Ji-Pyeong, even though she was told that Alex would be the better option since he came all the way from Silicon Valley for Samsan Tech. She was, however, unbent on her decision. 


Ji-Pyeong later asks why and she notes that he has done so much to help Samsan Tech. Ji-Pyeong however tells her she will reject the decision. 

Shareholder Meeting Doesn’t End Well

At the shareholder meeting, Ji-Pyeong is left unimpressed with the splitting of the funds. He believes that the shares are not split properly and that no one will invest in their company if this is done. As he goes over some of the names on the list, he questions who some of the persons were. To his surprise, they will Do-San family members, persons he should have known since he and Do-San were like “brothers”. He later explains that full power must be given to the CEO in the early stages. Chul-san and Yong-san were, however, against the idea. 

SamSan Tech Breaks Up for A Second 

Things get a bit intense when it came to the splitting of the shares, while In-Jae’s company had made their decision without any problems, it wasn’t the same for Samsan Tech. Chul-Son and Yong-San were completely against the idea of Dal-Mi owning a higher percentage of the shares.

The three Samsan Tech guys later ended up in a brawl which caused Chul-san and Yong-san to walk out. Later on that day, Chul-san and Yong-san held a serious convo, and the guys expressed how much they had been through as a team. They later decided to trust Do-San and whatever decision he made. 

The following day, the team had a milk scare after, after a bottle of milk exploded in Chul-San’s face. After being brought to the doctor, the guys were reassured that he would be okay.

The Unexpected Meeting

Meanwhile, Dal-Mi was left discouraged as she believed she was not in control of the situation.  

In the morning, She had a meeting with members of the team and everyone could see she was not playing around. She had revised the shareholder list and had stuck with the decision to give Do-San the majority of the shares, even though she was advised not to do so. 

She later stood up to Sa-Ha who had been slacking off and later gives her an ultimatum, where she had to decide to leave the team or stay. 

Do-San and Ms.Choi Officially Meets

Later on that day, Do-San walks Dal-Mi home and he requested to see Ms.Choi with the intention of telling her the truth. He was, however, left shocked after realizing they had met before. Ms. Choi, who was shocked to see Do-San knew what he was gonna do, she later pleads with him to hold on to the secret a little longer.

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