Start-Up Episode 7 Recap and Review

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Start-Up Episode 7 Recap and Review

Start-Up Episode 7 Recap and Review

Start-Up Episode 7 Recap and Review. Episode 7 of Start-Up has left many viewers excited due to the big reveal that happens at the end. Beware of spoilers as you read. 

 The Visit 

While at Dal-Mi’s house Do-San and Miss Choi are left in a bundle as they try to act normal in front of Dal-Mi. To break the awkwardness, Miss Choi suddenly asks Dal-Mi to buy groceries at the shop. After she left, Miss Choi and Do-San sat and had a frank conversation. She tells him to continue the lie and pretend to be the guy that sent the letters. Miss Choi later opens up about her deteriorating eyesight and pleads with Do-San not to tell Dal-Mi nor Ji-Pyeong as they might pity her. It is here that Do-San discovers that the person Ji-Pyeong is indebted to is Miss Choi. 

She went on to thank Do-San for being by Dal-Mi’s side and making her happy, a sight she cherishes. Looking on, Do-San is left emotional and agrees to honor Miss Choi’s request. 

Ji-Pyeong Joins the Party

Ji-Pyeong has had a lot on his mind, since his intense convo with Do-San. Earlier, Do-San was adamant about revealing the truth about everything. Ji-Pyeong did was not in agreement with this as he somewhat feels like it’s his place to reveal this hidden truth.  

Arriving at Miss Choi, he’s met by Dal-Mi who invited him inside. As he walks in, Do-San signals him about the change of plans and hurries him to leave. This however only pushed him to want to stay for dinner. Looking on, Dal-Mi and Miss Choi are left puzzled as the two men hilariously start to compete with each other.  

Is Ji-Pyeong Jealous?+ Who Would Dal-Mi Choose?

After the dinner ends, and it is time for Do-San and Ji-Pyeong to head home. However, before they do, they both said their individual goodbyes to Dal-Mi, who is caught in a love trap. 

On their way back, Do-San is suddenly prompted to ask Ji-Pyeong if he is jealous. Realizing his strange behavior back at Dal-Mi’s in trying to compete with him, Do-San was left curious. Being put on the spot, Ji-Pyeing suddenly feels embarrassed. He still has not accepted his feelings for Dal-Mi.  

Meanwhile, back at Miss Choi’s, Dal-Mi is suddenly put on the spot, where she is asked by her grandmother if she had to choose between the Do-San fifteen years ago and the Do-San now, who she would choose. Only, it’s just one person according to Dal-Mi. Further on in the episode however she does answer.

SamSan Tech BrainStorm

It is now time for SamSan Tech to make the big decisions being they have to secure more investment. Hence back at SandBox Dal-Mi discusses with the team finances to bear in mind going forward and the amount of time they have to get results. 

The team later runs into Do-San’s cousin, to which they are all introduced to his new prototype that gauges emotions. While wearing the device on their finger the team brainstorms on possible investment models and different ways they could build their start-up.

In-Jae Rejects Her Step Father 

In-Jae’s company has had a great start in securing an investor which makes her team ahead of Samsan Tech. While at Sand Box, her dad tries to interject again and tries to offer business opportunities to her but she rejects it. She later tells him to offer his help to another team and she won’t be needing his help ever. While this happens, Dal-Mi watches from afar and later confronts In Jae about taking aide from her father, however she is shot down after In-Jae explains this was all her hard work. 

In-Jae later hints at Dal-Mi about the AI Project her dad had offered to her.

Hearing this, Dal-Mi returns to the Samsan and asks them what they think about this. Seeing that they have had a hard time getting investment and raising funds, they agree to follow her lead. However, Dal-Mi was later met by an unpleasant situation. 

Han-Ji Pyeong In Frustration

Ji-Pyeong has been in the process of figuring out his current feelings for Dal-Mi. Each time he denies it, or tries to avoid Dal-Mi, he is left in frustration. 

To make his frustration worse, he catches Dal-Mi and Do-San on the roof laughing and having a good time. The sight of this pained his heart, making him walk away.

The Unpleasant Meeting

Samsan Tech submits their proposal to Morning Group and it is praised by In-Jae’s father and his team, however, they are later rudely taken advantage of.

Before they had attended the meeting Ji-Pyeong was concerned that Do-San and Dal-Mi would be met by unfavorable circumstances being that In-Jae’s father thought little of Samsam Tech. 

In the meeting, Do-San and Dal-Mi are rudely told they need to collect 100,000 images and that their AI expertise would not be necessary. Morning Group accepted their proposal intending to exploit SamSan Tech. Bear in mind, this is a task that can be carried out by someone with highschool capability. This deeply triggered Do-San, who had a hard time suppressing his anger. 

Dal-Mi and Do-San later meet with In-Jae’s father where things got out of control. By telling Dal-Mi that she should have chosen him as her father as In-Jae did, Do-San could not stand the disrespect and so smashes the Chairman’s glass name-plate all over the table.

Kissing on the Roof

The two later heads to the roof and Do-San apologizes for losing his temper but later promises to make up for the loss. Impressed by his determination, Dal-Mi suddenly kisses and embraces him. 

Dal-Mi later tells him that she wanted to go ahead with the idea he had presented to build an app to help the visually impaired. In the flashback, we then see, where his inspiration came from. As he explains this to Dal-Mi the two suddenly locked lips again, but this time more passionately.

In the epilogue, we are taken back to Dal-Mi and Miss Choi discussing the version of Do-San she liked the most. To our surprise, she stated the letters to her 15 years ago as he’s her first love.

Start-Up Episode 7 was really enjoyable, I like that Do-San is becoming bolder. His standing up to the Chairman shows that he’s not a force to be reckoned with. The preview shows that he’ll have to face the Chairman due to his actions, but Dal-Mi may step in to take charge.  

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