Start-Up Episode 8 Recap and Review

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Start-Up Episode 8 Recap and Review

Start-Up Episode 8 Recap and Review

Start-Up Episode 8 continues to keep us on the edge of our seats each week. In this episode, Dal-Mi and Do-San are put to the test when it came to the survival of Samsan Tech. At the beginning of this episode, we see where Morning Group prepares to punish Do-San for the altercation that took place in episode seven. Meanwhile Dal-Mi thanks Do-San for standing up to the Chairman and being there for her. See the highlights of episode 8 below!

Samsan Tech Comes Up with New Approach 

Samsan Tech is put to the test when they are urged to come up with an innovative proposal. As the team members are on the outside, they brainstorm on various ways to enhance the existing technology they have. Suddenly, Dal-Mi looks across the lawn and sees a guide dog and wondered how great it would be if guide dogs could talk… and immediately it hit Do-San to pair image recognition and AI voice technology together. 

Ji-Pyeong Disapproves of New Approach + Sun-Hak Learns Something New

Samsan Tech team members thought the idea was excellent however Ji-Pyeong noted it would be extremely expensive and would not attract investors. To convince him, Dal-Mi brought along the device that detects emotions… she later attached it to Ji-Pyeong’s finger and as she explains her proposal, she brought up Do-San’s letters from 15 years ago, which caused his finger to immediately light up. Embarrassed at how easy it was, Ji-Pyeong is left flustered as he tries to tell Dal-Mi otherwise.

Meanwhile, Sun-Hak watches on and is impressed by Dal-Mi’s passion in selling her proposal to Ji-Pyeong. After Dal-Mi leaves the room, Ji-Pyeong later reveals to Sun-Hak that In-Jae and Dal-Mi are birth sisters and that the girl on the swing may be Dal-Mi. 

Suk-Han was shocked after hearing this new piece of info. 

In-Jae Refuses To Go Back Home

A-Hyun, In-Jae’s mother is deliberating if she should get a job, given she’s been cut off financially. As she ponders, she suddenly gets a call from her husband to which she asks him for money. He agreed, however, under the condition that In-Jae returns home.

After meeting up with In-Jae for lunch, A-Hyun queried how she was managing and later pleaded with her to return home… sadly her request was quickly shot down by In-Jae. 

Dal-Mi Searches for Investors + Is Later Rescued By Ji-Pyeong

With a new plan in place, Dal-Mi went out on a hunt for investors with a list given to her by Ji-Pyeong…. however, as she visits the potential investors she is left disappointed each time by their response. 

She, however, remains enthusiastic, as she continues to make her visits. She was later left in trouble after following a potential client to an isolated area. The client who knows Ji-Peyeong saw that Dal-Mi needed help to get back to the city and quickly called Ji-Pyeong to come and get her. On the way back, the Dal-Mi and Ji-Pyeong bonded and chatted, Dal-Mi however, hilariously fell asleep after claiming she doesn’t normally sleep in other people’s car. 

After returning to SandBox, Dal-Mi doesn’t tell her team members of the difficulty she had. She is concerned that Do-San will worry. She later pleads with Ji-Pyeong to hide it from him.

The Development of NoonGil

Back at the office, Samsan Tech has finished working on their app and decides to upload it to the store. Excited at their achievement they started to bet on how many downloads they are expecting to see. Looking on, Dal-Mi is left nervous and is reminded of Ji-Pyeong had said… she prays it falls below 1000 downloads. 

Ms. Choi Makes Use of the NoonGil 

Later that evening, Dal-Mi reaches home and tells Ms.Choi of the app that Samsan Tech made. Ms. Choi later found out that Do-San was the mastermind behind it… deep down she knew he used her as inspiration for this., which lifted her spirit. The following day, she uses NoonGil to recite a bible passage.


Something Great Happens for Samsan Tech

Back at Sand Box, Samsan Tech is left discouraged after seeing that they aren’t getting as many downloads as expected. Do-San’s cousin suddenly pops up and tells the boys that it’s because of a lack of marketing why they aren’t getting as many downloads. 

To help them he thought of an excellent idea of using a baseball legend in the US that had taken a picture with Do-San in the past. The following morning, Do-San is awakened by his parents, to find himself on TV thanks to the baseball legend talking about the app. Later on that day, the boys had reached 10,000 downloads… Dal-Mi was left concerned being aware of the consequence to come.

Meanwhile, Do-san is called to the station and is told that he’s being charged with property damage, if he however settles with Chairman Won, he would not go to court.

Dal-Mi Learns Devastating News

On the night Do-San took Dal-Mi home after she was drunk, Miss Choi had handed him a book that had her feedback on the app his company made. The following day, he shows Dal-Mi this feedback and revealed to her that it is from her grandmother. After hearing that news, Dal-Mi was left devastated, that her grandmother may lose her sight.

When she arrived home that night, she tried to hide her tears, but after seeing her grandmother struggling to cut her nails, she could no longer hold the tears. She later revealed that she knows and promises to work hard on NoonGil going forward. She two consoled each other as they cried.

Dal-Mi Visits Chairman Won and Things Erupt

Realizing the dilemma she is in and the urgency of her grandmother’s situation, Dal-Mi puts her pride behind her and asks In-Jae to lead her to her father’s office. Only, when she arrived in Chairman Won’s office she is met by Do-San who was kneeling and begging for forgiveness. Shocked to see Do-San she asks what he was doing, Chairman Won but in and told Dal-Mi that Do-San is being charged for property damage. 

When the chairman found out that she was there to get funding for their app, he then tells Dal-Mi he’ll only help if she too, gets on her knees. Looking on, In-Jae was shocked by her dad’s audacity. Dal-Mi however was not going to stand for such disrespect and threatened the Chairman with a recording she had made of their first meeting. Chairman Won later settles and decided to fund the app after realizing he was backed in a corner.

I must commend Dal-Mi for such a great move.

Dal-Mi Recognizes The Handwriting

Later that night, Dal-Mi reaches home and as he goes through the proposal, Ji-Pyeong had handed her, she notices that his handwriting resembles that of Do-San. She quickly visits the old letters and is shocked by similarity. In trying to connect the dots, she remembers Ji-Pyeong saying that his birthday is the same day as Do-San. As she looks on, she tries to understand the strange connection. 

In the epilogue, Han Ji-Pyeong sees Do-san in the parking lot and decides to give him Dal-mi’s scrunchie that she left in his car. While he gives it to him, he daydreams of another scenario where Do-San is left troubled. However, he was later brought back to reality, to an unbothered but pokerfaced Do-San.

However, as the episode come to end, we later see that Do-San is actually concerned as to why Dal-Mi’s scrunchie was in Ji-Pyeong’s car.  

The preview for next week shows there Dal-Mi will find out the truth and Do-Sa will be left in tears.

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