Recommended Dramas with Obsessed Loves

Before you ask, I didn’t put lists in the description column because I want you to watch the videos, it would make me feels more satisfied because you appreciate what I have made. Every single person has their own opinion, please respect others idea and I will upgrade this list at least once a year; … Read more Recommended Dramas with Obsessed Loves

HIStory: Obsessed (2017) – Drama Obsessed

HIStory: Obsessed

Another part of the HIStory web series follows the story of Shao Yi Chen, a man who dies in an accident involving his boyfriend, Jiang Jing Teng. Shao Yi Chen is reborn and sent back 9 years. To save his future self he avoids Jiang Jing Teng and avoids his feelings for him. Problem is … Read more HIStory: Obsessed (2017) – Drama Obsessed