The Shillim-dong r*pist is arrested

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Article: Police, “There was a threat at the time of the attempted r*pe in Shillim-dong”

Source: KBS

Police have concluded that “there was a threat at the time of the attempted rpe in Shillim-dong” and have deemed it appropriate to charge the 30 year old “Cho” for attempted rpe.

The Gwanak Police Station in Seoul explained on the 1st that according to the CCTV footage reviewed, Cho tried to open the victim’s door handle and urged the victim to open the door for more than 10 minutes. When the victim didn’t open the door, Cho then tried to open the door by trying to guess the door lock password.

The police official said, “We reviewed the law based on the facts and requested an arrest warrant in consideration of the gravity and danger of the crime. The court recognized this and issued the warrant.”

Judge Shin Jong-yeol of the Seoul Central District Court said, “The risk of action is high. We recognized that there is also the risk of flight so we approved the arrest warrant.”

Cho was arrested on May 31st on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Crimes. According to Korea law on Sexual crimes, Cho is facing a minimum of 3 years of prison.

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