The Smile Has Left Your Eyes – A K-Drama Review

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

About This Show: A remake of a Japanese drama, ’The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ / ‘Hundred Million Stars from the Sky’ is a psychological thriller about three people tragically linked to events from the past, and a fated romance.

REVIEWERS NOTE: Because the mystery and twists are important to make this story compelling, this will be a spoiler free review. I have not seen the original J-Drama but I worked super hard to experience this show without spoilers and hope you are able to enjoy it the same way I did.


The Good Stuff:

All-Star Cast: The casting of this show is perfection. Seo In Guk’s (who some felt was a little stiff at first and will be proven wrong) emotional range and restraint as he plays a truly complicated and fraught character is insanely compelling. Jung So-Min’s warmth and pained persona is the perfect balance to his personality, as she has to deal with two strong and flawed men who are central to her story. The side characters are also full of depth and imperfections, making everyone a lot more human than in most K-dramas.

Unique Storytelling: Obviously this is a remake, but it stood alone to me as one of the best K-dramas I’ve seen in a long time due to its ability to allow personalities to be both good and evil  This flawed humanity which creates a lot of tension, pain, beauty, and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat.

Cinematography: As a visual artist, I loved watching this show. it had gorgeous sets and gritty lighting. It was the perfect balance between beauty and pain. 

All of the Feels: I spent most of this show not knowing what people were going to do, being surprised by their choices and of course being super stressed but I loved it! I felt intense happiness, sadness, and fear. If you like dramas that pull at your heart, you will love this show.

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes