The Story of Minglan is The Chinese Drama to Watch 2019

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best c drama 2019
best c drama 2019

The Story of Minglan is absolutely one of the best dramas I have ever watched. I can recommend this drama to anyone with pride knowing that they will love it just as much as me.

The drama revolves around Minglan and her family. It’s a historical Chinese drama with sub-genres of romance, action, politics, and psychology. It’s truly one of the best dramas I have ever watched from start to finish. It has 73 episodes and I did not skip one episode of a second of one video. That is just how good it was.

The characters were well written and played their roles well. From the villains to the good guys. It was just such an easy show to watch. Not like those cdrama that you have to force yourself to enjoy. From the very first episode, I find myself glued to my computer screen just devouring every scene with my eyes, ears, and brain. It was just beautiful.


I strongly believe you will love this drama if you decide to watch it.

Give it a try The Story of Minglan.

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