Top Korean Dramas of 2019 So Far

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Top Korean Dramas of 2019 So Far

Top Korean Dramas of 2019 So Far. Hey, guys welcome back to drama obsess, this article will be based on the best Korean dramas that have been released so far. I will mention the ones that I have watched and also the ones I haven’t gotten the chance to watch but they have a high rating.
This list will also contain dramas that started in the previous year but was completed in 2019.
At the end of this article, I’ll list a number of sites that you can watch these dramas for free. The ratings listed below are taken from mydramalist website.

Let’s get right into it.

Sky Castle

Rating received: 9.1/10
Aired: November 23, 2018 to February 1, 2019

This drama was a great watch for me. The acting was super impressive and I still can’t get over how great the story line was, whereby it addressed hard issues that are normally ignored in the Korean society. The drama has impeccable directing, story is full of plot twists, comedy is subtle but melds well, and the cliffhangers are absolutely wild.

The drama tends to often be dramatized, especially as it is a satirical work, but the underlying themes are never truly lost. 
Here is a quick synopsis of the plot if you haven’t watched Sky Castle as yet.

The drama revolves around the lives of housewives living in a luxurious residential area called Sky Castle in suburban Seoul. They try to make their husbands more successful and to raise their children like princes and princesses.

They want their children to go Seoul National University Medical School. So parents rush to send their children to Seoul National University. They use every way to get to Seoul National University Medical School. They spend billions of won to hire coordinators for college entrance exams.

Her Private Life

Rating Received: 8.6/10
Aired: Apr 10, 2019 – May 30, 2019


Her Private life Ep 5 Fans Recap

Her Private Life was my favorite rom-com drama during the time it aired. It was enjoyable and entertaining for most of it’s episodes. The best highlight of this drama were the main leads Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold.
Not only was the characters perfect for each other, but Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook’s on-screen chemistry was quite convincing and their acting was great.
It was so natural to the point where it didn’t feel as if they weren’t even acting anymore. I love how mature their relationship was which can’t be seen very often in other rom-coms.

A con to this drama, was the last two episodes were a bit underdeveloped hence they came off boring, which made it hard to watch.

If you haven’t watched this dramas as yet here is a quick synopsis.

A dedicated professional, Sung Deok Mi lives for her work as an art gallery curator. Devoting herself to her work, she is exceptional in every way, save one. Beneath that cool, professional facade, Deok Mi carries a dark secret.
When she met Ryan Gold, the art gallery’s new director, saunters into her life. A once famous painter, the former artist turned director considers himself an indifferent being, unconcerned with the lives of others. But when he uncovers Deok Mi’s secret, everything changes.


Touch Your Heart

Rating received: 8.4/10
Aired: Feb 6, 2019 – Mar 28, 2019

This was one of my favorite Korean dramas of 2019. Every week I would put my phone on alarm to watch it as soon as it was released.
If you are looking a for light romantic comedy then this is for you. The characters are cute onscreen and the acting was fair.
Touch Your Heart is a law drama or at least that’s what the genres say. But the plot is not focused on the law part, so don’t expect many intense trials. There is one big case that was pulled off very well and some small ones that were enjoyable to watch.

If you haven’t watched this dramas as yet here is a quick synopsis.

Oh Yoon Seo is a popular actress. She is famous for her beautiful appearance, but her acting is bad. She gets involved in a scandal with the son from a chaebol family. Her acting career declines precipitously.

Oh Yoon Seo hears that a famous screenwriter wants her to play the lead female role for a drama series.
To gain experience for the role, Oh Yoon Seo is required to work as a lawyer’s secretary for a few months. Meanwhile, Kwon Jung Rok is an attorney for a law firm. He is arrogant and cold-hearted. One day, his boss asks Kwon Jung Rok to let actress Oh Yoon Seo work as his secretary for 3 months.


Arthdal Chronicles

Jun 1, 2019- Sep 22, 2019
Ratings Received:
Season 1- 8.5/10
Season 2- 8.9/10
Season 3-

This was the hit drama of the summer that many persons tuned in for. It’s currently at season 2 and season 3 will continue airing in September.

This type of genre is fairly unusual to the Korean drama world. The budget for this drama appeared to be big as most of the high definition scenes were greatly executed. At times it was hard to follow because of the unfamiliarity of the story however as you go along you will get the feel of it.

The cast is superb! Each actor is well suited for their role and the acting is top notch. The standouts are definitely Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, ​and Kim Ji Won. I do wish that certain characters were given more screen time but I hope that the seasons that follow will give the characters more time to shine.
Here is a very short synopsis of the drama:

In a mythical land called Arth, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthdal contend with power struggles, while some encounter love along the way. Eunseom goes through hardships to bring his tribe back to life and learns of his true origins in the process

To get an in-depth review of each of the characters and their roles, please click here.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Aired: May 22, 2019 – Jul 11, 2019
Rating received- 8.7/10
Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 31-32 Recap

This was one of my favorites, I enjoyed every single episode.

The chemistry these two characters displayed on-screen was simply beautiful. If I didn’t know any better, I would believe they were actual lovers in real life. That’s how convincing and superb their acting was. I had a lot of tearful and heart-wrenching moments but also a lot of laughable moments.

I would recommend this drama to anyone that loves romantic comedies. The acting and story line were very good, every episode was worthwhile. The characters grew as the story developed. Congrats to the cast and the makers of this drama. Exceptional job, well done.


If you haven’t watched this dramas as yet here is a quick synopsis.

Dan (Kim Myung-soo) is an optimistic, carefree angel who is always getting into trouble. In order to return to heaven he is tasked with a mission to find true love for the talented but emotionally distant ballerina Lee Yeon-seo (Shin Hye-sun). After her parent’s sudden death, she doesn’t trust anyone since there are a lot of people lurking around her and her inherited money. Because of her distrust and arrogance, she is unable to love anyone.


Romance is A Bonus Book

Aired: Jan 26, 2019 – Mar 17, 2019
Rating received- 8.5/10

I was satisfied with the plot as it was very well-balanced and there were no loose ends. I really appreciate the way it unfolded which was very precise. Everything fell right into place, this drama is one of those that make you feel at ease as there is no unnecessary dragging of the plot and complications that are out of place, everything is gradual and build up in a way that everything happening makes sense.

If you haven’t watched this dramas as yet here is a quick synopsis.

Cha Eun Ho is a successful author and a senior editor at a book publishing company. Kang Dan-i is a mother and former successful advertising executive. When Cha Eun Ho was a child, Kang Dan-i saved him from an accident and was injured. Cha Eun Ho helped her recuperate and they have been close friends ever since.

When Kang Dan-i goes through a major life change and tries to re-enter the professional world, their lives become even more connected. They face personal and professional challenges as they slowly start to realize their true feelings for each other.


The Crowned Clown 

Aired: Jan 7, 2019 – Mar 4, 2019

Rating received- 8.4/10

The Crowned Clown


The acting is absolutely brilliant. Yeo Jin Goo does a wonderful job of portraying the duel roles. Lee Se Young is superb as the regal yet strong queen. I highly suggest this drama to everyone especially if you love historical dramas.

 It has so many strong points – the cinematography is on a whole new level, the props and locations are flawless and everything is wrapped in mesmerizing music. The fact that the story and acting are good as well, is just a cherry on top.

I can’t stop praising Yeo Jin Goo’s acting enough. He made this drama for me and carried it so well. 

If you haven’t watched this dramas as yet here is a quick synopsis.

The story takes place at a time in mid- Joseon period, when upheaval and power struggles surrounding the throne had reached extreme levels. In order to escape those who plan to assassinate him, the king puts a clown, who looks exactly like him, on the throne. And once who was clown became real king of Joseon.


Hotel del Luna 

Aired: Jul 13, 2019 – Sep 1, 2019

Rating received- 8.8/10

Hotel Del Luna Episode 3 Recap


This is an ongoing drama which is currently at episode 4. It’s performing well so far, the acting is great, the chemistry the leads have on screen is commendable and also it’s really hilarious. I was hooked from the very first episode. IU and Yeo Jin Goo are the best. They’re both talented actors.

Hotel del Luna is a must watch for anyone that wants a good romantic-comedic drama to watch with a bit of history to it.

It’s rating so far has surpassed even that of Arthdal Chronicles, this proves how good it is. 

If you haven’t started watching this dramas as yet here is a quick synopsis.

Jang Man Wol is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. The hotel is situated in downtown in Seoul and has a very old appearance. She made a big error many years ago and, because of this, she has been stuck at Hotel del Luna. She is beautiful, but she is fickle, suspicious and greedy.

Goo Chan Sung worked as the youngest assistant manager ever at a multinational hotel corporation. He is a sincere perfectionist. He looks level-headed, but he actually has a soft disposition. Due to an unexpected case, he begins to work as a manager at Hotel del Luna. The hotel’s clientele consists of ghosts.


One Spring Night 

Aired: May 22, 2019 – Jul 11, 2019

Rating received- 8.4/10

Jung Hae-In and Han Ji Min were both superb in their roles as the couple deeply in love despite their ‘flaws’. Their chemistry was electrifying, similar to Jung Hae-In’s performance with Son Ye-Jin in ‘Something in the Rain’. The story, directing, acting,music have given a fresh vibe.

It’s not like many Korean dramas with recurring story lines. It’s more realistic and appeals to an older audience which is what made it great.


The story of a couple who hits the point in their relationship where they must think about marriage, which prompts them to examine and appreciate and understand their love in a whole new way. Lee Jung In is a woman in her 30’s. She works as a librarian. Yoo Ji Ho works as a pharmacist and he has a warm heart.

Search: WWW

Aired: Jun 5, 2019 – Jul 25, 2019

Rating received- 8.7/10

This drama has proven to be quite impressive with its powerful yet fallible women. It reveals to us that even successful and collected women have messy lives and are insecure at times. 


Search: WWW portrays the stories of three ambitious career women who are working at the top of leading portal sites in the IT industry. They don’t trust love, find it useless and a waste of time. But, their road to success takes a new turn when love comes along the way. The drama describes modern love in a realistic way.



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