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Before the release of Touch Your Heart, K-drama fans have been hyped up over it, which is expected, because the leads did such a great job in the hit drama, Goblin: Lonely and Great God.

Touch Your Heart which follows the storyline of a once-top actress (Yoo In-na) who prepares for a comeback role by becoming a secretary for the workaholic lawyer (Lee Dong-Wook); this drama was expected to be huge a success since both leads are popular for their great acting skills and showing chemistry on screen. Over time though, it’s seen where because of the bad execution and poor writing fans have become unimpressed.



First of all the storyline of Touch Your Heart is a bit overused. What really brought and sold the idea of this drama were the leads.  Of course! who wouldn’t want to see Yoo In-na and Lee Dong- Wook together on screen again?  To be honest it reminds of the 2018 K-drama “ What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.  And this could be because Park Joon Hwa is the director of both. 

This is most of K- drama world though, overused storylines which normally follows:

 “Troubled girl meets cheeky boy, troubled girl becomes impressed by boy who is not so cheeky anymore, they start to like each other; they’re cute with each other and fall in love; they then break up and get back together because they realize they’re better together than apart.



The storyline was set out for this drama was not different from the dozens I’ve seen and to add to this the execution was a bit poor. Honestly watching over 10 episodes and seeing the story not progressing eventually has gotten a bit boring and dreary.


The breaking point beyond the cuteness of this drama would be the return of the rich stalker guy. But the writer didn’t dwell in his character as much.  Hence his part of the story started and ended in a minute. Let’s see what unfolds in the upcoming episodes. 

Touch Your Heart has 16 episodes and half of the drama was based on cheesiness. Its currently at episode 12 and to this point in the drama the co-workers at the Law firm (Always) aren’t sure if they leads are in a relationship.  I’m sure there will be an episode where everything will be revealed but I just hope it isn’t pushed to the final episode.

This brings me to my next point; the writers’ of Korean dramas have a tendency to pack everything in the final episode which results in the episode being rushed and leaving smaller points undeveloped. 


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