Touch Your Heart Review | Funniest Kdrama in March

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Watch Touch Your Heart Episode 16
Watch Touch Your Heart Episode 16

Touch Your Heart Review, I rate this 30/10. This drama is light, cool and refreshing. Perfect to keep the balance in this modern, busy life. This drama heals and makes you forget the negativities which is the reason why after work, I immediately turn on my phone and directly click on Touch Your Heart including the drama clips, bts, ost’s and fanmade vids. I have been doing this every day even before the drama started to air. Lol.

It’s funny but it’s true. That’s how I love this drama especially the main couple Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. They are like real-life angels. They are a blessing to Korea and to the entire globe. Uh oh. Let’s accept it. International fans are crazy over them and their enchanting chemistry. Don’t forget to count me in. Hehehe.

Personally, I watched the first episode and I’m instantly hooked. My heart goes with it. Since then, I watched the succeeding episodes and never skipped a bit. Now, I just can’t take my excitement while waiting for episode 11. This drama made me repeat the parts of the episodes and then replay the entire episode and it just makes me crazy. It is addictive. While waiting for episode 11, I keep on replaying the previous episodes. Thank you so much Touch Your Heart for truly touching my heart. You are a blessing and watching you makes me feel like I’m in Cloud 9. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are such versatile actors. They made me cry a lot in Goblin and now make me smile, laugh, giggle in Touch Your Heart. Kodus to Yoo In Na! Your acting is extremely worthy of appreciation. I would like to point the part when you need to act like you are bad in acting. That must be very hard but your performance is superb, I can’t stop laughing at your character.


This drama is proof that despite the hustle and stresses, there’s always something that you can turn to make you laugh, happy and in love. Look at the bright side. This drama is definitely that bright side. I highly recommend this to everyone! Congratulations Touch Your Heart and to your entire team! You are the best