Vagabond Episode 7 Recap

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Vagabond Episode 7 Recap
Vagabond Episode 7 Recap

Vagabond Episode 7 Recap

Vagabond Episode 7 Recap. This episode of Vagabond reveals to us that the individuals behind the plane crash will soon be seized as the NIS draws close upon finding the pilot with the help of Cha Dal Gun.

Cha Dal Gun Spots Supposedly Dead Reporter

While driving in traffic Dal Gun spotted the reporter that gave him the information on John & Marks and that was supposedly killed from the previous episode. Cha Dal Gun ran after him but failed to catch up. However he met Edward Park, this raised some red flags for me and made me question some things, such as his innocence.

Edward Park in a previous episode said he chose Cha Dal Gun. At first, this seems unimportant but now it makes sense. I believe Edward Park sent the reporter to give Cha Dal Gun the information about John and Marks so he could expose them. Keep in mind that Edward Park works for John and Marks’ competitor and right now both companies or vying for a partnership with the Korean government to provide them with stealth fighter jets.
Its also for this reason why the plane was hijacked and crashed so that John and Marks might be able to win the bid by blaming the accident on their competitor faulty planes.

Pilot Located

The NIS has located the pilot from the crash, Kim Woo Gi as well as Jessica from John and Marks. Both parties have set out to find the pilot in the slumps of Morroco. John and Marks in the process bribed the local police chief of Morocco to not assist the Koreans but instead help them find Pilot Kim first in order to stop the NIS plans to catch him and gain evidence that they are behind the plane crash.



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Cha Dal Gun and Go Hae Ri Works together in Morocco

Cha Dal Gun decided to tag along to Morocco to catch Pilot Kim. He did not make it known to Go Hae Ri that he was going until he was on the plane heading to Morocco. While in Morocco it was getting difficult for the NIS to find the pilot so Cha Dal Gun requested that Go Hae Ri team up with him to find Kim, seeing as she was only treated as a grocery shopper for the NIS team.
Towards the end of this episode, they worked together to catch Kim as well as avoid getting noticed by the NIS. Cha Dal Gun was spotted by the NIS but he did catch pilot Kim.

Jessica Lee Arrested

The president of John and Marks, Jessica Lee was arrested by the NIS for her supposed link to the plane crash. The NIS now needs to catch the pilot in order to get enough evidence to put her behind bars for the crashing of the plane, killing over 200 civilians.
However, this is the 7th episode and I highly doubt she will go down that fast. She still has powerful people in the government as well as the NIS. She will most likely walk away at least this time.

Though this episode pace was a bit slow I believe tomorrow’s will be epic. I cannot wait for it.

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