VT Cosmetics Reveal BTS Perfumes With Amazing Photos

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Fans are excited all over social media with photos revealing BTS ‘s perfumes matching the scent each member represents.

VT Cosmetics in collaboration with the famous perfumer Frederic Burtin has always been actively promoting the new BTS perfume line.

The brand’s latest tweets of the members’ photos for their respective scents has really blown up the fans’ anticipation for the product’s launch!

Here is a group photo of all the members!

Suga represents “Eau de Vert” or the scent of “green”.

 J-Hope represents “Eau de Citrus”, or the scent of citrus.

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RM represents “Eau de Bois” or the scent of wood. 

Jin represents “Eau de Coton” or the scent of cotton.

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The perfume products are set to launch on May 30, 2019.

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