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Absolute Boyfriend
Absolute Boyfriend

About Absolute Boyfriend (절대 그이): Love is never easy, which is why Da Da (Minah) has sworn off men forever. As a special effects makeup artist with more than a few bad breakups in her past, Da Da has opted for a much more practical solution to her love-life woes.

She’s bought herself a robot boyfriend. Pretty to look at, fun to be around, and programmed to be perfect in every way, Yeong Goo (Yeo Jin Goo) is the very best in humanoid robot technology.


The absolute best at everything, Zero Nine is guaranteed to be the very best boyfriend. Ever. With such a perfect companion, Da Da should be more than satisfied when it comes to love. But when her childhood friend/now famous actor, Ma Wang Joon (Hong Jong Hyun), turns up, things get a little more complicated. A hilarious girl meets boy/meets robot love story, “Absolute Boyfriend” is based on the ever-popular manga, “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase.

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