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The Bangtan Boys aka BTS shared a video to their official youtube with the buys dressed casual and chewing down some handsome chicken. The treat was prepared by Bts member Jin. The video on its translation is below.

Translation Below

ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS JH: Jin treated us! Jin treated us! (Jin prepared Sweet & Sour Marinated Boneless Chicken for ARMYs and members!)

RM: Jin hyung! Jin hyung! / JIN: Yes.

RM: Is it true that you were going to buy chicken (with bones) but due to lack of time, you bought marinated boneless chicken?

JH: How many boxes did you prepare?

JIN: 500.

JH: 500?

JIN: I had to place an order a week earlier.

JH: You are amazing.

RM: Do you have to place an order early for that many? SG: You have to place an order a week earlier.

RM: That’s right.

RM: I like marinated boneless chicken than chicken (normal fried chicken with bones).

JIN: I thought it would be too hassle to have chicken, so…

JH: That’s right. The simple ones are better. (boneless)

JIN: It’s simple.

RM: I like this.

RM: Mmm!

JK: Is this the only flavor?

RM: Hyung-nim, it tastes good.

JH: Hyung, it really tastes good.

JIN: Eat a lot. JH:

It tastes good, but when did you prepare all this? The stickers. (Jin even prepared stickers to put on boxes)

JIN: I prepared them earlier. RM: What is 전못진 (Jeon Mot Jin)?

JH: “I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you before. Jin is treating you.”

RM: Oh JH: He has a great sense! RM: Oh JK: To be honest, I really didn’t… JIN: They asked me to come up with comments, so I told them I would like “전못진 (Jeon Mot Jin)”.

JIN: “I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you before. *Jin is treating you.” RM: Oh, hyung!

JIN: I told them.

JH: Look at his sense! JK: This “전못진 (Jeon Mot Jin)” is even Jin hyung’s hand-writing.

RM: He has great preparation skills.

JH: It tastes good!

JK: Yes, it tastes good.

RM: I like this kind of sweet ones.

V: This tastes really good, hyung. (A little later, V started eating the marinated boneless chicken)