Watcher Episode 2 Recap

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Watcher Episode 2 Recap
Watcher Episode 2 Recap


Watcher Episode 2 Recap. Welcome back guys to another recap of Watcher. If you would like to check out other recaps of great Korean Drama click here. As always these recaps do contain spoilers, so if you have not yet watch this episode you might want to not read any further. Now lets get into this review.

Do Chi Kwang Flash Back

Watcher Episode 2 begin with Do chi Kwan having a brief flash back of what seems to be him finding Kim Young Goon when he was young, during the night of his mother murder. The two episodes so far seem to be pointing at Kim Young Goon Father as his mother murderer. However I believe otherwise, as the show so far has made the death of his mother so misterious am sure there is way more than meets the eyes.

Also it as already been establish that Do chi Kwan is the one that arrested his father. Which mean that sometime in future episodes there might be a breakdown between Do Chi Kwan and Kim Young Goon.


Son Byeong Gil Bill Case Explain/Finish

So the major case that has been the driving force in establishing the main characters, their beliefs and conviction since episode 1 is the case involving suspect Son Byeong Gil. This case was finally rapped up in this episode of Watcher, concluding with deaths and clear lines drown showing where each major character stands.

Son Byeong Gil kidnaps Kim Sang Jun son, he was instigated to take action from corrupt cop Jang Hae Ryong. They both worked for Kim Sang Jun in some capacity. After Kim Sang Jun was arrested his son was kidnapped for ransom. Son Byeong got the money and refused to sure it as well as hide the kid he kidnapped. That led to the falling out between him and Jang Hae Ryong who now wants him dead and retrieve his money.

The case was resolved in this episode with the death of Son Byeong Gil by Kim Gang Wook who was working with and for Jang Hae Ryong. Jang Hae Ryong also killed Kim Gang Wook and it seems like he was doing it to save Kim Young Goon, but in reality he killed him to cover up all his evil deeds that he schemed.

The Team Up

Overall the episode was great, it develop the chemistry between the main characters. Also lay the foundation on which we will see the development of the characters. They formed a alliance between the four main characters to investigate corruption within the police force. Each character as a driving force to see the corrupt police and officials behind bars for different reasons, they also have very different method. This will create some form of friction between the main characters which will be good to watch becuase all main characters are very determine.

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