What To Expect Rookie Historian Episode 17-18

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What To Expect from Rookie Historian Episode 17-18

Last week’s episode ended with Prince Dowan being scolded by the King for disobeying his orders and the Crown Prince begging His Majesty to give Prince Dowan a second chance. The highlights below are some of what is expected for the next episode.

Prince Dowan and Goo Hae Ryung

Prince Dowan assumed his father, the King, would be proud of him, but instead, he was met by an angry father who told him he was mindless and knew nothing.

The mission he went on was very meaningful to him, as it was his first time being so far away from the palace and interacting with so many people and even assisted in controlling the outbreak. So even though, the King disapproves of Prince Dowan’s action, his self-confidence has grown greatly and we got to see a more mature side of him.

There is a snippet of the preview where he reveals to the Queen that he wishes to leave the palace, this may either be beacuse of the King’s hostility towards him or simply because his time in Pyongyan has inspired him to be out and about and interacting with common folks.

Based on the preview for Episode 17-18, Prince Dowan will confess his feelings to Hae-Ryung by letting her know he wants her to stay by his side for a very long time. In the preview there is a short scene showed where the two fall asleep while lying closely beside each other.



Officer Min and His Father

There is also snippet showing Historian Min telling his father that he is ashamed to be his son. I’ve always wondered what there relationship as father-son would be like, since Second State Council Min is the exact opposite of Historian Min. While Historian Min is just and upright his father is very malicious and corrupt.

The Princess Visits the Crown Prince

In the preview for the next episode, the Crown Prince is visited by his wife and she doesn’t seem to be pleased. According to the male historians, the two seemed to have argued. I believe this is the first we’ll be seeing the Crown Prince and the Princess interacting.

Honestly, since the start of the series I’ve been shipping the Crown Prince and female historian Song Sa Hee. I think she understands him and always has the right responses. She doesn’t fear him but challenges him.

I don’t think the two will end up together but I love watching the short scenes they share.

I look forward to discussing and breaking down tomorrow’s episode. Stay tuned to dramaobsess till then.

If you haven’t watched episode 15-16, you can check it out here.

“Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m