Who Killed Mo Seok Hee’s Mother in Graceful Family?

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Who Killed Mo Seok Hee's Mother in Graceful Family?
Who Killed Mo Seok Hee's Mother in Graceful Family?

In the K-Drama “Graceful Family”, the mystery of who killed Mo Seok-hee’s mother in Graceful Family is a central plotline. Heo Yoon-do’s mother, who was a housekeeper for the Mo family, had been convicted of murdering Seok-hee’s mother 15 years ago. However, Seok-hee and Yoon-do are convinced that Yoon-do’s mother was framed. 

They join forces to reveal the truth behind Seok-hee’s mother’s death, and the secrets that Je-kook and TOP hide as well as to help Seok-hee gain her rightful place in MC Group.

Who killed Mo Seok-hee’s mother?

After Mo Seok-hee and Heo Yoon-do uncover the mystery of Seok-hee’s mother’s death. It was revealed she was killed by Mo Wan Soo, Seok-hee’s older brother. This revelation was quite shocking because Mo Wan Soo was one of the loveable characters and seemed to be one of the closest to his sister. So it was quite shocking and unexpected. I guess that’s what you call good writing.

Why Did Mo Wan Soo Kill Mo Seok-hee’s Mother?

The reason why he killed her was that he was trying to gain his mother’s acceptance since she always favored his younger brother Mo Wan Joon. At that time his mother Ha Young Seo was a mistress, she was not the official wife of their father Mo Chul Hee. Mo Seok-hee’s mother was the main wife and was getting a lot of positive attention. So he constantly hears his mother talking bad about Mo Seok-hee’s mother and getting mad about her. So he thought if he got rid of his mother’s biggest obstacle should would finally love him like she loved his brother.


In conclusion, “Graceful Family” is a gripping drama that masterfully weaves a tale of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. The quest to uncover who killed Seok-hee’s mother serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some people will go to protect their power and wealth. It is a must-watch for fans of K-dramas and mystery genres.