Why Arthdal Chronicles Will Be the Biggest Korean Drama of 2019

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Arthdal Chronicles set to be the Biggest Korean Drama of 2019. The main reason for this is simple, originality and freshness. From just the trailer we were able to see a refreshing world in Korean drama. The cinematography was the high point of the trailer for me.

The cinematography was so breathtaking and refreshing especially for a kdrama. Arthdal Chronicles seem to be trying something new and I can appreciate that.

Also let’s talk about the story and the fact that it’s an ancient Korean setting. This is also a very popular genre in Korean and Chinese dramas. We get to see our favorite actors dress up in badass costumes and hair styles.


Lastly I must mention the set up of the cast. Arthdal Chronicles main character is Song Joong Ki, one of the biggest actors in Korea. A fan favorite. So many fans are looking forward to this new drama so they can see Song Joong Ki on screen again.

In Descendants of the Sun, one of his best known Korean drama, the actor was quite compelling in which he brought his character to life and that drama was also a big hit. Hence I expect no less from him in Arthdal Chronicles.

For these reasons I am expecting Arthdal Chronicles to be a smash hit.