Why do Korean dramas become an obsession after watching?

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Yea you see the headline, that’s a question I constantly ask myself. Why am I obsessed with watching Korean dramas. Before I answer the question for myself and for you guys reading this, I want to reflect a bit to the time before I started to watch Korean Dramas (kdrama). 


Yes before Kdramas there where American movies and tv show in my heart. I was in my little bubble just enjoying what was familiar to me. Until one fateful day, my girlfriend demanded I watch a kdrama with her. And kids the rest was history. 

She made me watch “My Love From Another Star” with her and it was my gateway drug to my now drug of choice KDRAMA. I was hooked completely. All of sudden I was expose to this brand new world and culture. American movies and Tv shows were getting repetitive and boring and I desperately needed a replacement. Thats how I got into Korean Drama.

Now let’s answer the question. Why am I obsessed with kdramas. First thing is it’s different. It’s different from what is the norm for me. Different language, a different culture on display. This difference is something I personally enjoy especially the culture.

The second point would be their stories. Now one might say that they have some similar storylines to American tv shows and they would be right. However, the storyline from their perspective is so beautiful and a breath of fresh air. For example, the story or plot from My Love From Another star is not brand new. Its a storyline I have seen plenty of time in American dramas, Chinese drama etc… etc.. etc…. Which means even though the story is not brand new, the perspective of the writer is and that’s what makes the difference.


Another Point is food. Yes strange but I do like to eat lol. Korean Dramas always display their beautiful food. I guess this point can also help back up the cultural point I made earlier. Korean Dramas piques your hunger. They show their food all nice and mouth watery. Even junk food as ordinary as Noodles is marketed so well. They project it fantastically that you’ll start craving for it.


Lastly But certainly not least is the actors/actresses that plays in these kdramas. Its almost like they where hand pick by god to play their roles. Especially the evil characters. The amazing storyline, actors, and soundtrack keep you hooked up. Also when you watch a drama, you start obsessing over certain actors/ actresses which leads you to check out more of their work or similar dramas. That’s also one of the main reasons why kdramas become an obsession.

Korean Drama Obsession is a real thing and I have it.

Korean Drama Obsession