Why I Fell In Love With The World of the Married

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The World of the Married is a must-see Korean drama. The storyline along with the acting and the pace of the drama makes it very enticing and easy to follow. As many of you may know The World of the Married closely follows the storyline of the 2017 British series Dr. Foster. Though the drama series may seem like any other ordinary Korean love affair drama, the Friday-Saturday show, enticed not only Korean viewers but a worldwide audience with its realistic lines and intense suspense.

The Story Line-

To westerners, the storyline may not be that surprising as American movies and TV series are very explicit in the portrayal of adult relationships. What made the World of the Married special was the execution of the storyline. The Directors deserve a huge round of applause for making it even more intense. Each episode is pervaded with the perfect amount of suspense and intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Acting

Korean actors are generally great at portraying their characters. But I must say there was something different about the acting of Kim Hee-ae(Sun Woo), Park Hae-joon(Tae Oh), Han So-hee(Da-Kyung), and Jeon Jin Seo(Lee Joon Young). Their facial expressions mixed with their body language was executed so perfectly that it made me feel every sense of their words.  I have a hard time calling them “actors” because they portray their characters so well it makes everything feels real.  

The whole drama creates this very lifelike feel, you start believing it the moment you start watching. Sun Woo is ruthless and tends to be obsessive, a bit psychotic, but she is also very intelligent and calculating. I think such varying qualities made her incredibly strong. Throughout the drama, I kept on rooting for her even though I despised some of her decisions. Kim Hee-ae is considered one of the best actresses in South Korea and I can see why. 

 Park Hae-joon and Han So-hee acting are also quite good. Throughout the drama, I have hated, loved, and pitied their characters. This just reveals how great of an actor they are. Throughout, I despised Han So Hee’s (Da Kyung) character,  she is not only a hypocrite but  a homewrecker. She wanted to be accepted and be seen as righteous even after destroying another’s union. I, however, started to pity her towards the end, when she started to get a ‘dose of her own medicine’. Things turned out quite unfortunate but this just goes to prove Karma’s a bitch.


Park Hae-Joon (Tae Oh) too, gave a great performance.  He was probably the most hated character, being a terrible husband and father. Despite being weak in so many ways he was so interesting to watch. Towards the end, I pitied him. I felt sorry for him. 

The son, Jeon Jin Seo at first frustrated me. But as the drama went on, I started to understand the meaning behind him misbehaving. His parent’s divorce affected him greatly and its something we actually see in reality. That’s why counseling should be an option for kids who have to carry the weight of their parent’s divorce on their shoulders.

I also loved the pace of this drama. It wasn’t too slow but at the same time, it wasn’t too fast. It was on point. Episode 5 was done in such a way where it could have ended the drama.  The story is so unpredictable. Even though you can see where it all is going, the twists and turns will keep you in a constant state of suspense.

I can confidently say this is one of the best of not only 2020 but ever. In my opinion, its caliber has surpassed that of Dr. Foster. The directors have taken it and made it into a masterpiece. Job well done to the writers, directors, the actors, and everyone who assisted in making it a success.