Will Arthdal Chronicles Ratings be Affected by Song Joong Ki Divorce?

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Arthdal Chronicles Ratings
Arthdal Chronicles Ratings

Arthdal Chronicles Ratings

Arthdal Chronicles ratings might be in danger as news of Song Joong Ki ‘s divorce is dominating the airwaves. The fear that I think many working on Arthdal Chronicles might have is that as the story develops there might be a scandal in the mix. If Song Joong Ki is at the center of a scandal right now it can negatively affect Arthdal Chronicles, as fans might call for a boycott of him and all his projects.

Some online readers have already come to the conclusion that this move was selfish on Song Joong Ki’s part. Not only did his wife not know he filed for a divorce, but he also chose to make this potentially negative move while his show is airing right now.


I can only imagine how nervous the producers of Arthdal Chronicles are right now. As the story develops, I am sure it will be nothing good, unless the couple can handle this privately and without any animosity. As someone who watches and enjoys Arthdal Chronicles, I hope Song Joong Ki’s divorce does not negatively affect the show in any way.

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