Will Lee Minho return in Heirs 2? Fake or Real?

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Lee Minho recently released from his mandatory military service is now trending on social media. Fans are in a frenzy and are extremely happy that Lee Minho has returned from his 2-year stint in the military.

Among all the hype is the rumor that Heirs Season 2 might actually be in the works with Lee Minho. However this rumor might just be the wishful thinking of the fans of Lee Minho and Heirs, who have missed the actor and the popular show.
While a Season 2 of Heirs would be great there is however no updates from their production team that a season 2 is in the works. Also, actress Shin Hye has dismissed all rumors of the show getting another installation anytime soon.


Fans can still be hopeful as we await Lee Minho to announce his plans for the future. I’m sure we will be getting news in the coming days about his next onscreen appearance.

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