Yang Hyun Suk To Step Down From YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk To Step Down From YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk To Step Down From YG Entertainment. According to reports from sources such as ‘Naver‘ Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of  YG entertainment announce plan to step down.

On the 14th, Yang Hyun-suk, through YG Life, said, “I am so sorry to fans who love YG and its entertainers, and I am truly sorry to all of you, our employees, who are also working through the downpour of criticism.” 

Yang Hyun Suk continued by saying, “I have endured patiently with the present situation in which the shameful and disgraceful words are spoken as if they are facts,” he said. “However, I think it’s too difficult now. I think that there can no longer be a situation where YG, our agency celebrities, and fans are experiencing harm due to me.”

He concluded with, “I have devoted all my efforts to raise YG all my life for the last 23 years,” said YG Entertainment. “I am going to put down all the positions and tasks of YG today.” 

“I sincerely hope that there will be no more damage to the YG’s entertainers and all the fans who love them,” he said.

YG Entertainment is home to some of the biggest names in KPOP like BlackPink and Bigbang. However recently they have been hit with numerous scandals from bribery, prostitution, drugs, etc.. This negativity has cast a shadow over the company. This move by YG CEO is to help curb the negative press surrounding the company.


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