Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun, And Park Sung Hoon|Leads In New Drama

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Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun, And Park Sung Hoon Will Star As Leads In New Drama

It was recently confirmed that Yoon Shi Yoon and Jung In Sun will be starring alongside Park Sung Hoon.

“Psychop ath Diary” is tells the story of a man who coincidentally witnesses a murder and loses his memory after an accident that occurs while fleeing the scene. He later wakes up with no sense of identity and mistakes himself as the killer when he finds the murderer’s diary in his hands.


Yoon Shi Yoon will play Yook Dong Shik, who works at a stock company and is the world’s biggest pushover. Although initially a man with a weak personality, after discovering the murderer’s diary and perceiving himself to be a predator, Yook Dong Shik begins to change.

Jung In Sun will play Shim Bo Kyung, a patrol officer who lives solely in the present. Although she followed in the footsteps of her respected detective father and became a police officer herself, after seeing him lose everything with one mistake, she decides to forget her dreams and only live for the moment. She coincidentally gets tied up with Yook Dong Shik when she hits him with her car and causes him to lose his memory. She plans to catch the real serial killer using his abilities.

Seo In Woo, the real murderer, will be played by Park Sung Hoon. Seo In Woo is a cruel and meticulous character who happens to be the director of the stock company Yook Dong Shik works at. He is a psychopath who satiates his thirst to dominate over others by killing people, but he finds himself in danger once his diary falls into the hands of Yook Dong Shik.

The drama is expected to air later this year.

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