YoonA awkward reaction to Tony An’s mother saying she and her son get married

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Yoona appeared as a special guest during an episode of SBS‘s ‘My Little Old Boy‘ on March 24. She got along well with the cast and one Tony An’s mother went as far as suggesting that Yoona and Tony An get to getter. 

Below is the interaction between the two. Translation and transcript by AllKpop.

“She’s really so pretty. If only our Tony was younger,” Tony An‘s mother Lee Ok Jin commented. “Tony is really kind. YoonA also seems like a nice girl. You two would go well together.”

Later, show MC Seo Jang Hoon mentioned YoonA was a big fan of Tony’s group H.O.T growing up, then asking her to honestly name which member was her favorite.

“I really was a fan of Tony oppa. Really!” she answered, to which his mother replied: “I knew it. Their style is the same.”

“I went to [the recent] H.O.T concert, and the same stage presence Tony had when he was active with H.O.T back then is still there.” YoonA added.

“It would really be great if you married our Tony, right?” Lee Ok Jin playfully continued.

In response, Kim Jong Kook‘s mother Cho Hye Sun added: “We all have the same thoughts [about YoonA and our own sons.] We just haven’t been able to express it in words.”

Meanwhile, on the day the episode aired, YoonA was seen supporting fellow Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon at her encore solo concert.

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